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Sponsorships are back open!

This time, however, all payments will be made through Paypal!

And here are the options:

$20 per month OR $200 for the entire year! (Discount of $40)
Just a simple ad on my sidebar with the size of 250x250.

$35 per month OR $375 for the entire year! (Discount of $45)
250x250 ad on my sidebar with 1 social media SO on Pin, FB, Twitter, & Snapchat every week of the month (specific to what post(s) you want to support!)

$97 per month or $900 for the entire year! (Discount of $264)
250x250 ad on my sidebar (at the top!), 3 social media SO per week on aforementioned platforms along with 1 Insta SO that you choose. Option to guest post or host a giveaway on my blog. I will also send you all of the tips (in document form) that I have learned from blogging. One doc for each social media and one for blogging resources and general tips. And I'll basically be at your beck and call!

Email me at if you want to purchase any of these! (Or just buy through the paypal link and include your email address that I can contact you by. :) )

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14, 126!

[as of 9/25/15]

Take a button of mine if you'd like! :)


Allisonleighann also welcomes product reviews and/or giveaways. 
If you have something you'd like me to try, wear, or review, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 


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