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bucket list.

1. Meet Tom Felton

2. Go overseas.
3. Get my passport.
4. Marry the love of my life. My best friend.
5. Write a book.
6. Watch a sunrise with the person I love most.
7. Be paying ALL my bills independently.
8. Go to a drive in movie.
9. Run a 5k.
10. Leave a massive tip for an amazing waiter/waitress at a restaurant.
11. Become an editor for a publishing company.
12. Work at the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Florida.
13. Go mountain climbing.
14. Sky dive.
15. Bungee jump.
16. Go to a Mumford and Sons concert. And Taylor Swift. And the Civil Wars (Sadly, this one can't happen anymore. WHYYYY).
17. Become a mom.
18. Have a penpal.
19. Move out of the dorms into a house or apartment.
20. Work at a coffee shop.

21. Adopt a child.
22. Donate to a charity.
23. Speak fluent Spanish.
24. Get my whole back tattooed.
25. Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world.
26. Be cast in a movie. Even if it's just as an extra.
27. Audition for American Idol.
28. Make it through the honors program at my college.
29. Sing in front of 1000s.
30. Find my best friend from childhood.
31. Work for Passion when I'm too old to go.
32. Visit London, Scotland, Rome, Ireland, Venice, and Paris.
33. Have enough money to go on a shopping spree and not care about how much I spend.
34. Go to Bonnaroo. And Burning Man. And Coachella.
35. Live in NOLA.
36. Go on a random road trip.

37. Buy a better camera.

38. Pay for a stranger's food.
39. Have an editorial internship.
40. Enter a creative writing contest.
41. See a broadway version of Wicked.
42. Ride in a hot air balloon.
43. Take beautiful photos.
44. Go to Disney World.
45. Have a spa weekend with my best friend.
46. Graduate on time.
47. Make my own recipe for something.
48. Vote for president.
49. Go to all the places I read about.
50. Buy food for a homeless person.
51. Sign a "Before I Die..." wall.
52. Kiss under mistletoe.
53. Be given flowers on my birthday.
54. Learn to drive a stick shift.
55. Go to the Bonneville, UT salt flats.
56. See the Tunnel of Love in Kleven, Ukraine.

57. Be a bartender.
58. Be like an older sister to someone.
59. Drive around the US for a vacation.
60. Go to the Harry Potter world in Florida.
61. Be an Au Pair for at least a month.
62. Learn basic Italian.
63. Live in Edinburgh for at least a year.
64. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve. (Changed my mind, apparently it's AWFUL!)
65. Stay overnight in a known haunted house.
66. Get Misha Collins to tweet at me.
67. Run every day for a month.


  1. i saw the civil wars in concert-on accident. they opened for switchfood a while ago when the orignial band couldn't make it. my life has never been the same!

  2. Love your bucket list! And sidenote- stick shift is the only way to go! =)

  3. I have so many of these on my bucket list! Loved reading it!

  4. What's a "before I die" wall? I've never seen one!

    1. You literally just write something in about what you want to do before you die! :)

  5. You’re such an inspiration! Most bucket list I’ve read is more on their personal adventure, but you focused on helping others by donating to charity, adopting a child, paying others meal, and so on. I suddenly got inspired to do the same, and include all of it on my will. Thanks for sharing!

    Trudy Nearn @ Generations

    1. Awe, yay! :) I'm glad that I could inspire you as well! I like to mix in both. :)

  6. I love your bucket list! I definitely need to work on mine!

  7. I like your bucket list. I have never made one

  8. wow what an amazing bucket list you have which reminds me I must get to mine :) thanks for sharing

  9. I would also like to ride the tallest roller coaster in the world and go to the tunnel train in Ukraine. And to Disney. I used to go to drive in movies all of the time when I was little until they turned it into a stupid flea market. I would also like to see the ball drop in NYC and go to the Mardi Gras one year. I would also like to go to Japan to see the Wisteria Tunnel. Wisteria is my fave flower. Nice list and thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Hell yeah to learning to drive a stick shift! Awesome list. xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  11. I loved the movie bucket list (I am 63) but I honestly don't think Jack Nicholson could complete half of your many desirable projects...even with his billions!

  12. Wow! I hope you get them all done! GL on your 30 things before 30 list as well

  13. I hope you find the love of your life. Once you do, cherish every day. I did and we were together for 34 years before he passed away.

  14. it is always nice to read bucket lists and see that u have done many of the things above and hope u can do them all.

  15. Sky diving is also on my bucket list. I'd go through with it if I ever have the nerve to try!!

  16. Great bucket list. I'm not brave enough to sky dive or bungee though.

  17. I love your bucket list! You are younger than me so I just bet you can do all those things Good luck to you~

  18. What a cool list! I love that you have this and are already crossing things off. I want to go to Coachella one day too. I think it'd be quite the experience. Best wishes!

  19. I'm still inspired to create one of these, especially with the end of college coming up for me, there are things I'd like to do before I leave. Good post Allison!

  20. Great bucket list! I hope you get to do it all! :-)

  21. Nice bucket list. Its great that you have crossed off so many things. I have never made a bucket list.


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