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Monday, October 24

Soft Surroundings 40th Store Opening!

This past Friday, I was invited to Soft Surroundings 40th store opening in the US in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Granted, I'd heard of the brand before but never really knew much about it. So, of course, I looked up the store and FELL IN LOVE with quite a few things that the women's fashion/home accessories store brand sells. On top of that, I love the philosophy the brand is built on. When it comes to fashion - 

"We can find ways to be good to ourselves through actions we take every day. Getting dressed is one example."

When it comes to your home - 

"Our exclusively designed bedding and at-home collections are devised to help you unwind both physically and mentally. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary."

Don't you agree? I definitely do. My bedroom is most definitely my sanctuary, and I want it to be as cozy and organized and lovely as possible since it's also where my desk and computer are. Between sleeping, lazing around, and working on the blog, I'm in my room more often than not when I'm not at work.

So by the time Friday arrived and I was heading to the new store, I could not have been more excited! Every single person working in the store was knowledgeable and friendly and couldn't have been more excited about the opening themselves - even though they were crazy busy the whole time I was there. 

Perk number one? As you walked in the door, media and random customer alike, there was complimentary champagne and macaroons. I was also immediately informed that beauty experts were in the store all day to offer facial spa services and makeovers if I was interested. 

After getting color matched (I can NEVER find an actual match for my super pale skin) and browsing around the store, I ended up buying a gorgeous coat that reminds me of the 20s era, a couple of hats, some perfume, and a few other things. Normally I would show you photos of each item and review them, BUT!

I'm re-vamping my YouTube channel this week and instead will be posting a video of my haul from the store along with a follow-up review video of some of the products I received as a blogger covering the opening (the first 100 people in the store after it opened received the same products as well!).

So I apologize for being a little vague, but I'm so excited about this video to show you guys everything I got! For now, I'll leave you with a few more photos showing some of the fantastic items the store has to offer.

Have you ever shopped with Soft Surroundings before? If so, let me know what you bought and what you like (or love!) about the brand! 

Happy Monday! :) 

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