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Thursday, September 22

Munson & Brothers: All Natural Products (That Won't Break the Bank!)

This is only sponsored in the way of supporting a local creator/vendor/friend. I'm not making any money off of this post - just happy to encourage people to shop local and all natural!

I am so excited to be able to share this new (ish) company with you guys today! It's been awhile since I've done any "shop local" type of posts, and this is probably my favorite out of all the collaborations I've done.

Why, you ask?

Well - as much as I love working with local businesses and people, the company I'm telling you about today is one that makes all natural, handmade products - free of any unnecessary additives or fillers. On top of that, they also make products for both women and men. Think beard oils, balms, body butters, and beard kits for men - body lotions, lip balms, and body butters for women, and then extra stuff like mosquito repellant, shaving cream, and soaps for both. And on top of that, the products are anywhere from $5 to $25 at max, which is awesome.

Of course, I wouldn't back something that I haven't tried any of myself. Whenever I originally met with one of the owners to get photos and talk about the products, he told me that his wife loved the shaving cream because it made a massive difference with getting rid of razor burn. I also get razor burn pretty badly (which, honestly, I could buy better razors, but that's neither here nor there), so I ended up trying out the shaving cream pretty quickly.

I LOVE IT. Not only did it definitely help with my own razor burn issues pretty fantastically, it also just feels and smells better than any other shaving creams I've bought in the past. It's a subtle scent, which is nice so I don't have to worry about if it's gonna clash with any other body washes or perfumes I might use. And the way it feels is extremely close to if you've ever been out of shaving cream and used conditioner to shave instead (don't lie, you've done it!) - but without killing your razors in the process.

I could go on about these products forever, but instead - I'd rather do a giveaway! Technically, the prizes are labeled for 1st and 2nd place, but first place will get to choose which group of items they'd rather receive. :)

Need a gift for your dad, husband, boyfriend, or friend any time soon? You should enter. Wanna get some body lotions and lip balms for yourself for free? You should definitely enter. Here's what you can win:

And while this giveaway is going on, anything you buy from the store comes with free shipping with the code SHIPFREE! (Click here to shop!)

[entries for US only, sorry guys!]

Good luck & happy Thursday! :)

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