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Wednesday, September 7

101 Goals in 1001 Days

[This post was most definitely inspired by Darrian's at Oh Shift, Y'all! I saw it and instantly wanted to make my own - I mean, I do love lists!]

So after A LOT of thinking (it's harder than you think to come up with so many!) here's mine:

Start Date: September 7, 2016 | End Date: June 3, 2019
Completed: 0/100

1. Grow something
2. Go to either a Halsey, Melanie Martinez, or Taylor Swift concert
3. Go to a wine tasting event
4. Visit another vineyard
5. Try 20 new restaurants (Kobe)
6. Write the first draft of a book
7. Read 25 new books
8. Run a 5K
9. Get all white bedding
10. Get back down to 115 pounds

11. Visit 5 new states
12. Run a 9 minute mile
13. Go back to Edinburgh
14. Be financially stable
15. Be living somewhere that ISN'T where I currently live
16. Take a spontaneous road trip
17. Make enough money from blogging to have it be my main income
18. Get new business cards
19. Meet my social media goals [FB: 5,000 | Twitter: 5,000 | Insta: 10,000 | Pinterest: 5,000]
20. Have 10 YouTube videos up

21. Create and sell an info product
22. Have a regular photographer for the blog [that's not me!]
23. Host an Instagram giveaway
24. Take a photography class
25. Learn basic coding
26. Go skydiving
27. Go bungee jumping
28. Go [legitimate] camping
29. Get another kitten
30. Have taken over 1000 polaroid photos

31. Read something of mine at a spoken word poetry night
32. Go to one of Iliza Shlesinger's comedy shows
33. Go on a second cruise
34. Write a NoSleep that gets over 100 upvotes
35. Know Spanish on more than an elementary level
36. Be living either alone or with my significant other
37. Have a fully stocked home bar
38. Master Photoshop and InDesign
39. Go through an extreme haunt

40. Visit Thailand
41. Perfect my eyebrow makeup
42. Go rock climbing
43. Have one of every main shade of lipstick
44. Get a new car
45. Do yoga every day for a month
46. Go one month without shopping (excluding groceries)
47. Get my shot glass collection to 100
48. Be able to do the splits again
49. Read at least thirty minutes every night before bed for a month

50. Donate blood
51. Get my email situation calmed down (I have like four separate emails with a lot of junk mail in many of them - ugh)
52. Host a blogger brunch/lunch/etc for local bloggers
53. Mail care packages to three people
54. Learn basic French
55. Travel to a country I've never visited
56. Watch 15 documentaries (ones I've never watched!)
57. Leave a 100% tip for an awesome waiter/waitress
58. Organize my iTunes music
59. Connect with 5 blogging friends in person

60. Buy a new laptop
61. Work out with a personal trainer
62. Go to Vegas
63. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to randomly find someday.
64. Fully pay off credit card debt
65. See a drive in movie
66. Organize all of my important information on my computer
67. Update my Linked In
68. Get a psychic reading
69. Finish the tattoos on my back

70. Send a postcard to PostSecret
71. Go a month without soda
72. Go a week without alcohol
73. Get another piercing
74. Have a real Christmas tree
75. Be in Times Square for the NYE ball drop
76. Ride in a hot air balloon
77. Visit a famous landmark I've never seen before
78. Complete Couch To 5K
79. Do a color run!

80. Bring food to work for an entire month
81. Complete a really difficult puzzle.
82. Fly a kite
83. Be completely caught up on Supernatural
84. Take a milk bath
85. Make 5 mixed cds to keep in my car
86. Learn to make five new recipes
87. Buy a lip color I've never worn
88. Create a sangria recipe
89. Teach myself to have an awesome smokey eye

90. Collect at least 1000 emails for blog related things
91. Try absinthe
92. Apply to work for publishing companies
93. Write a letter to my ten favorite living authors, telling them how they changed my life
94. Get a bike
95. Go to an estate auction
96. Get up when my first alarm goes off for one week - no snoozing!
97. Buy a new bedding set
98. Double the size of my horror movie collection
99. Re-put up Christmas lights around my bedroom

100. Spoil Gemma by buying her a bunch of stuff to play with/smell good/etc
101. Become (mostly) a morning person

And that's it! Sooooooo, here we go! :)
Happy Thursday!

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