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Monday, August 15

My Cat Is My Star: Gemma

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If you've followed any of my past posts at all, you probably know that I have a cat named Gemma. She's about 2 1/2 years old now and I got her right at 6 weeks old. To tell a bit of that back story, I wasn't planning on adopting a kitten at the time. I had just moved out of the dorms on my university's campus and a friend of mine just so happened to be working at a vet's office when that happened. 
Apparently, someone showed up with his/her cat, dropped off their pet for some type of overnight procedure, then never came back to pick her up (Which makes me SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY. I mean, really?). However, the cat was pregnant whenever she was left at the vet's office and had five or six kittens while in their possession. At that time, the city I live in was in the middle of building a new humane society that would hold twice the amount of animals the first building could hold, but it wasn't done yet. That being said, my friend asked if I was interested in adopting a kitten so they wouldn't have to send them to the pound - they were worried that the new kittens and mother would be euthanized since they didn't really have enough room for new animals.

So, a little over two years ago, I hopped in my friend's car to go look at the adoptable kittens. Funnily enough, I was initially drawn to one of the boy kittens, but my boyfriend at the time fell in love with one of the shier girl kittens.

Fast forward to today - the boyfriend isn't around anymore but Gemma has become the most important thing in my life. I love her to death. I'm sure other pet owners can attest to this, but she always seems to know when I'm upset or sad or stressed, because her response is to come lay down on my chest or by my side to comfort me. I wouldn't trade her for the world and I spoil her to death, even though she has a ton of attitude. I have two roommates, but she definitely has the most attitude out of all four of us (myself included).

So when I found out that Kroger was working with Tidy Cats® to get the brand out there and more noticed, I was super excited. I've worked with other companies before, but this is one that I can completely back and say that I was a customer for before I ever partnered with them. 

If you have a cat (or cats), you know that their litter box can be extremely frustrating. I've tried a few different brands over the past two years, and it's immensely difficult to find one that doesn't scatter outside of the litter box and also provide the fresh smell that so many companies claim to give. 

I was actually already using the litter sold at Kroger before this partnership, and I will recommend this brand until the end of time: Tidy Cats® Lightweight varieties are definitely the best I've ever used. I do my best to treat Gemma like the rock star she is, and it's definitely a part of it. 

 I picked the rest of my toys and shampoo up at my local Kroger - they have fantastic options when it comes to toys and health care options for your cat (and dog!) that are also super price friendly. It's great to know that I can stop at Kroger on my way home from work (well past 8 p.m. !) and know that they have just as many options as other pet stores/department stores when it comes to making Gemma feel like the rock star she is to me. I can get all of her stuff at once - from litter to light up toys that she loves to chase in the middle of the night. When I decided I wanted to update her space in my room, I got all of my stuff from Kroger. How to update, do you ask? 

Step One: It doesn't sit in her space since it could possibly opened and spill, but buying her new shampoo that smells great is the first step I took to spoiling her. Before this, I was just using dish soap!

Step Two: These three cat toys! I don't know about your cat, but mine fetches. And I mean that literally. Sometimes I think she's a dog with how fast she'll run out, grab whatever it is, and bring it back. So yeah. I leave these little guys laying around her so she can let me know when she wants to play.

Step Three: The outside of this is something I already had laying around that I wasn't using, BUT the inside is a new scratch pad! I've never had her de-clawed and I clip her nails myself, but she LOVES to paw on things around my room so I figured this was probably a good idea. And it was! She loves it, and now I can stop shooing her away from other pieces of furniture in the room because she'll go there instead. 

So in just a few simple steps, I can have her "part" of my bedroom ramped up with her favorite toys and also get a shampoo I trust at a super low price. (I mean, even she likes it - look at her!)

But if you have a kitten or cat and are looking for a brand of litter that actually does what it's promised - Tidy Cats® Lightweight options are definitely the way to go. Not only can I tell the difference, my roommates can too. For the past 50 years, the brand has been committed to combining high quality ingredients to create a result that will fit any kind of lifestyle: from fully inside cats (like mine!) to cats that spend most of their time outdoors. The brand guarantees a lack of "Stank Face" that tends to happen with litter boxes since they tend to be inside people's bedrooms or bathrooms, and have made their products based off of that statement. Even taking into consideration the fact that you may not check the litter box every day.

To find your best match for you and your feline friend, go check out the brand here! 

Purina is also offering a few coupons (currently active!) to get some of their products with a discount. If you're like me and have a cat that you love, they're on the Kroger coupon page. However, if you're like me and want them as soon as possible, then click here for the latest coupons! There are a few for you dog lovers as well!

Overall, here are your ways to learn more and find some awesome discounts:

Coupons (For dogs and cats alike!)
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
YouTube Page

I ABSOLUTELY recommend this brand. I partner with companies from time to time, but this is one that I can definitely say is absolutely worth every penny. They're the bomb.

Happy Monday! :) 

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