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Wednesday, July 13

My Results From Taking The TRESemmé #ReverseYourRoutine Challenge

I don't know if you guys have heard about TRESemme's new hair care system, but I was given the products through Influenster to try a few weeks ago and it has done WONDERS for my bleached, constantly damaged hair. 

Just as an example:

I don't really have a "before" photo that shows just how fried my hair normally is (because what blogger is going to not fix her hair before taking photos?), but rest assured that this is 10x better than what my hair normally looks like. I don't have any product in my hair in this photo, and all I did was dry it and give it a quick once over with a straightener. 

I don't think my hair has felt this soft since I was in middle school. No lie.


The first step in this system is actually to condition your hair - not shampoo. It's a bit weird to get used to at first since conditioner is so slick and doesn't suds up as much, but conditioning your hair first is TRESemme's way of "reversing your routine" so that residue from the conditioner doesn't stay in your hair after the shower.


Wash with shampoo once you've rinsed the conditioner out of your hair. It lathers up super easily so you don't need a ton - meaning that it lasts for quite a long time!

The results are absolutely worth the weirdness of swapping out your routine, I promise.

Have any of you tried the new system? If so, how's it affected your own hair?

Happy Wednesday! :) 

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