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Monday, April 18

Why I've Decided to Keep Blogging

Back a few months ago, I had just left a job and was living on my savings while trying to find a new one. Along with many other stressful things happening all at once, all of the decisions, changes, and people leaving and entering my life left me in a place where I didn't have time to blog anymore. I didn't have any time to actually enjoy the blogger friendships I've made over the past two years or so. Every time I sat down with great intentions, I'd just get anxious because I'd slipped on posting. I felt like I was letting myself and everyone that reads Allisonleighann down. So I ignored it for awhile longer.

But then I happened across this shirt while shopping one day recently and laughed out loud. I didn't even try it on - I knew I was going to buy it the moment I touched it. And for some reason, just this shirt invigorated me. It gave me back my want to blog and keep up with people that I've "known" in some way or another for awhile now. 

In saying that, I'll be starting back off with fewer posts per week to get myself back in the creative groove I used to be in. Hopefully it won't take too long to get it back. :P

For the people who still read at the moment, you are AWESOME. Really. People like you are why I have faith in the world.

Happy Monday!

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