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Sunday, October 4

Fashion Sunday: Matching Separates

First of all - my hair is a complete mess in these photos and I don't even care. I was SO excited about this outfit was finally delivered that I immediately put it on and wanted to take photos. This outfit was $20 (COUNTING SHIPPING!) and I was in no way compensated. I know I do a fair amount of reviews/sponsored posts for companies but this one is just my own enthusiasm.

{ Top & Shorts: Shein | Shoes: DSP }

I've been head over heels for matching sets ever since I saw a list of ones that Taylor Swift has been wearing, but they're always so expensive that I never buy any. I saw on someone's blog awhile ago (if it was yours, I'm sorry I forgot!) that they had put this on their wish list, I believe, and immediately bought it. Seriously. Impulse buy. And I have zero regrets.

What's your opinion on matching separates? Do you have any? Where do you get yours? Because I would LOVE to know!

Happy Sunday! :)

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