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Sunday, September 13

Wooden Watches - The BEST watch ever.

{ watch courtesy of Wooden Watches : opinions are always my own! }

Hello there beautiful people! 

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I was ridiculously sick for a week and a half or so and then immediately went on a week long trip, so needless to say, I've missed all of you terribly. I've been absolutely itching to get back on Allisonleighann and update myself on all the blogs I read.

I've been wearing this watch from Wooden Watches almost every single day since I partnered with them to show off their gorgeous time pieces (There will soon be a second post as well with me wearing it because as of right now a tiny screw of some sort fell out of the band so I need to get a new one first!).

I took these photos exactly when I first opened the box. It is every bit as lovely as I thought it would be. AND the company will size your watch for you so you don't have to do it yourself once it arrives.

Where have I been wearing my watch?

// Job Interviews - I've been handing out resumes lately for a new job (I quit bartending, so now onto a 9-5 job! Hopefully!) and this watch pretty much matches everything. Not only that, if you're wearing darker clothing (think black, grey, navy) it's a serious statement piece that shows that I'm not just a suit with no personality underneath. The color I chose represents me well, I think.

// Any day I have multiple appointments or things to do - While I'm a list maker, I'm not good at keeping up with time and if I get involved in something I love, whether it be reading, learning something new, writing, or talking to someone, I will absolutely go over time. Having a watch makes me remember to look down and check the time whereas my cell phone generally gets ignored while I'm working on something.

// To dress up comfy clothes - This is a big one for me. I'm so used to bartending for thirteen hours and going home to crash like a zombie that I've basically lived in tank tops and shorts or skinny jeans for the last year if I'm not going out. Now that I have time to actually live my life without being exhausted, I like to dress nicer but the transition is kind of difficult since I'm so used to living in comfort. Therefore, when I throw on jeans and a shirt, I add the watch and maybe some earrings or a necklace that make it look like I care, haha. Works every time.

// EVERYWHERE - I honestly really do love this watch. It's one of my favorite possessions and I wear it more often than not. It's that good.

If you'd like to look at some of the BEAUTIFUL watches yourself, you can see them HERE!

And I'll be back with a part two once I get it fixed. ;)

Happy Sunday! :)

Ladies Wood Watch

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