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Friday, September 25

The Easiest Giveaway You'll Ever Enter!

If you're in the Her Campus Facebook group, you'll know that I've been a bit sentimental lately when it comes to my followers. I have 23 little tokens of appreciation that are going out soon for a few wonderful ladies, but I wanted to do something for the rest of you too (while growing my Pinterest!).

So I came up with the idea to do a giveaway for a blogger goodie basket. While it won't actually be in a basket - I don't particularly think that would mail correctly, haha - it will be a plethora of items that bloggers use regularly along with a few other things! I already love buying blog stuff for myself, so buying it for someone else just makes me giddy to think about! :)

So anyway. Rules:

Must be in the US to enter
There are two ways to enter:
  • Follow me on Pinterest
  • Pin an image leading back to Allisonleighann (you can do this 3 times a day and once every day. So if you did it every day for a week you would have 21 entries!)
Easy, right? Well let's go ahead and do it! ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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