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Wednesday, September 30

That Time We Explored An Abandoned Motel (Things To Do While In Between Jobs)

If you haven't guessed from past blog posts of mine, I love anything that has to do with the creepy, morbid, magical, or slightly twisted. My friends Charles and I have also purposefully sought out a ghost town (which we found!), so when he told me he had found an abandoned motel I immediately said yes. What else am I going to do when I'm graduated and have no job? I'd much rather be outside checking out possibly haunted places and taking baller photos than sitting inside and pouting over not having a current job.

We walked around for about half an hour taking these photos and tripping over piles of dirt, ruts in the grass, and random debris laying around. Made it through probably half of the motel. 

However, I expected there to be more photos in this post. The reason for the lack of extra photos is because once we slowly walked up to one of the motel doors, CT (Charles) thought he heard something. I ignored it and kept moving, but a few seconds later I heard what I thought was footsteps. I'm not easily scared but I swear on everything I have that I heard those footsteps - and they sounded close and fast. I stumbled backward so quickly that he had to grab my arm to keep me from falling down. We didn't actually see anyone, but there's no way that both of us heard something that wasn't there. He's a bit over-cautious, but not one to make up something. And I'm the one that ignores everything to get my photos or adrenaline rush, so for both of us to have heard something? Something was there.

So yeah, we got outta there. And quick. We're planning on going back soon during the day though to get even more photos. ;)

What do you think? Human or Supernatural? Do you see anything in one or more of these photos?

Happy Wednesday! :)

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