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Saturday, September 26

FINALLY: An Allisonleighann Newsletter!

This post is going to be short, but that's just because I'm SO EXCITED about what I'm working on right now! I took part in a webinar today that blew my mind. Maybe not literally, but still. I have had so many ideas for Allisonleighann for so long but never really had the courage to invest or put myself out there or take the risks because I didn't have a definitive return on whatever I would be investing - whether it's time or money. But because of both Melyssa Griffin and Mariah Coz I've decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

Thus, things are going to start to be a little different around here. And on top of that - I have a HUGE surprise for you! However, it won't be revealed today. Instead, today I'm asking that all of you lovely followers would do me a favor.

Subscribe to my new weekly newsletter?

Allisonleighann Weekly Newsletter!

I promise there will never be any spamming. No begging. No complaining. Just updates and ways for the people who ARE subscribed to win and learn even more. Not only that, but once you confirm your subscription, you also get something free!

I've typed up FIVE pages of blogging tips for you - mostly meant for newbies and young bloggers, but they would also be great for bloggers who've been at it for a long time and would just like to refresh their memory! Who knows, maybe you could even learn something. :) In any case, you get the point. 

If you add yourself to my subscription list, you'll be privy to a bunch of perks, sneak peaks, and extra news that people who aren't subscribed won't get. I'm so excited to start this new path with my blog and I can only hope that many of you will go with me!

So again. Click this button and enter your email. It's as easy as that! ;)

Allisonleighann Weekly Newsletter + Blogging Tips!

Happy Saturday! :)

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