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Monday, September 21

Couponing 101


I have now become a coupon lady.

I've always loved coupons and the idea of using them, but I've never really known how so I generally just threw them away in the shopping bag I was given once I emptied it. However, since I just quit my job as a bartender (making stable money) and I don't have a new one yet, I figured that I should do something to help make my money last. Thus, COUPONING!

In the past week or so, I have learned so very much about it. I'm no expert (yet!), but I did learn a lot that I'm going to share with you ladies (and guys!) to help you understand it a little better as well. Honestly, it's incredibly fun and you get such a rush out of saving money. 

First things first // I bought a binder at Walmart and also bought sheet protectors and a few sheets of baseball card protectors. That's all! 

Second // I found websites that I loved while looking around trying to learn a few things before I started cutting. (I'll list my links to use at the end!)

Third // SUNDAY PAPERS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I now buy four papers every Sunday which costs me between $4 and $6 depending on which city's paper I decide to get. Sunday papers have so many coupons in them. Not only that, they almost always have a Redplum and a SmartSource, which are both filled with fantastic coupons.

Fourth // I cut coupons from coupon sites (again, I'll list links below!). All you have to do is download the coupon printer they ask you to install and in no time at all you'll have it ready and good to go to print all the coupons you want!

Fifth // I categorize my coupons so they're easier to find.

Sixth // Finally, I see what's on sale that week and compare it to my coupons to see what I want to get. After that, I have a list including my coupons, my coupon book, and my wallet - ready to go in the store. :)

All of this is so easy to do, the hard part is learning different stores' coupon policies. They can be extremely confusing, but THAT is where all of my links come in. So here we go!

BEST couponing site: The Krazy Coupon Lady
(not only is her blog amazing, but her instagram/YouTube is also on point in being helpful!)


Simple, yeah? These are just basic, but if you really wanted to categorize, just make sure you have plenty of sheet protectors!

So the real question is: Is it worth all the hassle?

My very first trip couponing without really knowing much about Walmart's policy turned out to be fantastic. First total was $73 and some change. After my coupons it ended up pulling the total down to $52.81! I saved about $20 on my very first trip without really knowing enough to amount to anything.

So is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. It's so much fun, the couponing community is great, AND you get to save a bunch of money while you're at it. :)

Have you ever couponed? Where'd you learn? What're some of your favorite go-tos?

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

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