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Monday, September 28

10 Things You Should NEVER Wear To A Job Interview

{ all clothing in background photo c/o Eleven Lilies }

If you're anywhere in my age range (20 - 24), you've probably been to multitudes of job interviews. From waitressing to customer service to managing and everything in between, an interview is always nerve-wracking. There are so many things to think about, and your outfit is a huge part of the first impression you'll be giving when you walk into an office and shake someone's hand (So is the handshake, but that's another post for another day!).

I normally end up spending an hour trying to figure out what I want to wear and then spend another hour second guessing it based off of the most ridiculous reasons - "If I wear a pink shirt under this blazer, do you think that'll make them think I'm ditzy?" or "These heels have a scuff on the back. I can't wear these. You see it right? Right there? I see it the second I look at the shoe!" 

Cue partial breakdown.

Over the years, I've made a mental list of things to NEVER wear to an interview, no matter how much I may think it's the most adorable item of clothing I've ever owned. And here they are:

Skirts Shorter Than an Inch Above Your Knee / Just don't do it. Ever. It does not matter how cute or appropriate it is. Don't talk yourself into it unless you don't want to get the job.

4 Inch Heels / This is pretty much for the same reason as the former. On a completely different note, however, unless you wear extremely tall heels daily, you're most likely going to trip. Not only will they be unfamiliar, but you're also going to be nervous. You already have a higher possibility of tripping just because of that, so you REALLY don't want to add an extra reason for you to fall!

Over-the-top Prints / No zebra, cheetah, giraffe, or whatever else could be attributed to a living thing.

Heavy Makeup / You don't want to look like a clown or like you're trying TOO hard. 

Old Clothing / If it has a hole in it or it's fraying, don't wear it. And you should probably donate it or throw it away anyway (Depending on how bad it is. It's always good to donate what you don't wear!).

Too Much Jewelry / For the same reason as too much makeup. It's always a good idea to go natural!

Overly Casual Clothing / Always overdress! It's better to be overdressed in a suit or dress with a blazer than to be underdressed and embarrassed the entire time. Even if the place you're applying to has a casual dress code for their employees.

Strong Perfume / People obviously know to shower before they go to an interview, but make sure you don't douse yourself with too much perfume or body lotion either! If it's distracting, it's taking away from everything else that makes you awesome.

Anything low-cut or revealing / Every single interviewer will see through it & just think you're desperate. Don't do it.

And last?

A Bad Attitude / Self explanatory, right? :)

So that's it! If you're not wearing any of these things, you're probably good to go in the fashion area of your interview, but don't forget that following these tips doesn't mean you have to be boring! You can still show your personality through your outfit, just don't overdo it! A pop of color or a statement necklace/bracelet on its own says plenty. 

And as for the three things you should always have?

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Happy Monday! :)

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