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Tuesday, August 11

Fake It Til You Make It.

Sponsored by Acorn and U by Kotex - all opinions are my own.

Having confidence is SUCH a big deal in society today. It's always good to have confidence in yourself anyway, but for our generation the motto "Fake it til you make it" is used on an every day basis - with jobs, classes, and even relationships. I remind myself of the phrase on a regular basis just so I don't forget. If you're not good at something, don't shy away from it if it's something you want or want to try - just fake it til you get there! ;)

I have so many things that I can do or have to make me feel confident at all times. I feel self-conscious every now and then just like everyone else, but sometimes there are ways you can prevent it. For me, there's a list:

Headphones / I always keep a pair of headphones in my purse or backpack no matter where I'm going. I hate awkward small talk in situations where you can't change anything (think the doctor's office or on public transit), and music most definitely makes me feel more comfortable. Even just having one ear bud in makes me calmer and less anxious.

Sunglasses / Basically for the same reason as headphones.

Notebook / I love to-do lists and notes and really anything worth writing down. Sometimes if it's slow at work or if I'm eating by myself, I'll take the notebook out and just start writing a letter to someone. 

Heels / I don't wear them too often because being a bartender definitely does not require heels (I would trip OH SO MUCH), and I don't generally have many places to go that need heels either, but when I do wear them, my confidence is doubled. Something about a fantastic heel makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

Business Cards / I always keep a few on hand (and just ordered new ones!) just in case I come across a person who wants one or a board that has empty space on it. Just seeing my card on a board in a public place makes me feel like a tiny celebrity - and who doesn't love that feeling?

Lipstick / Whether it's bold red or bubblegum pink (or even matte nude), lipstick gives me so much confidence. It's the last thing I put on for an outfit and the first thing I take off once I'm back home. Once I put my lipstick on, I, again, feel like I could conquer anything I want to.

Lint Roller / You may laugh, but you always realize you need one whenever you don't have one. Just get a baby one and keep it in your car if nothing else. It's always good to be clean. :)

The travel kit (BONUS PACK!) from U by Kotex / You should grab these at Walmart (the only place that has them!) while stocking up on your shampoo and hair dye because they're totally worth it. If you've read this blog much, you know that I love to travel. When I do, I always throw a few tampons/pads in my backpack and luggage just in case. However, they're always so big that it's awkward to keep one (or even any!) in my purse. These were made for just that. Tiny packaging so they're discreet and even if they're noticed they're in adorable, bright wrapping. The package I bought (in the photos below!) have the exact box that Walmart just put out with the bonus travel pack included. So now, if I need to have a few in my purse while I'm out, I'm much more confident than if they were white, obvious, and pouring out of my purse while I search for my wallet!

A confident woman can take over the world if she wants to. #girlboss (works for men too, just change the hashtag ;) !) So what are you confident about?

Happy Tuesday! :)

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