allisonleighann♥: Why Wine Should Be Your Best Friend (Forever)
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Thursday, July 23

Why Wine Should Be Your Best Friend (Forever)

1 / Wine will never insult you.

2 / Wine will also never break up with you. Not even threaten to.

3 / Wine doesn't mind if you cry during sappy or sad movies.

4 / Wine will never hurt you...unless you fall down the stairs. But that's not the wine's fault. That's your own fault for trying to go downstairs when there's perfectly good wine in your room.

5 / You can be picky with wine and it won't care.

6 / Wine comes in all shapes and sizes, including a box for when you're broke or just need a lot of it.

7 / The term "one glass" is always relative. So is the term "one bottle."

8 / Taking shots alone seems pitiful to some, but drinking wine alone is always classy.

9 / Wine and cheese. Nothing better. Seriously. (or pepperoni)

10 / It's kind of a fruit, right?

11 /  You can pretty much drink it any time of day and in front of anyone and no one will think anything bad about it. Or you. They might get jealous, but that's different.

12 / You can drink a bottle of wine and still get work done. Try to drink a bottle of bourbon and see how that works for you.

13 / Sometimes wine will make you stay in bed all day watching Netflix, but is that a bad thing?

14 / Wine and spoken word poetry go well together. 

(one of my favorite spoken word poems)
15 / Wine will never yell at you.

16 / Wine won't make you angry. Sappy? Yes. Sad? Maybe. Sleepy? Yes. But angry? Nah.

17 / You can't make wine angry. It will always welcome you with open arms.

18 / Wine-gut isn't a thing. Bypass the beer belly by just always drinking wine.

19 / Jesus turned water into wine, so it's obviously something that should be used in place of water.

20 / Wine will always support you. You want to take a three hour bubble bath while drinking? Go ahead. You want to call your roommate and cry to her about your love life? Yep. You do that. You want to drink it out of a styrofoam cup? Wine is not offended.

Why do you love wine?

Happy Thursday! :)

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