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Tuesday, July 21

Why You Should Add Me On Snapchat. (Hint: A lot of cat photos...)

If you haven't noticed lately, Snapchat has become a new social media for bloggers to take advantage of. I've been very back and forth on this but since I Snapchat constantly and it's one of my absolute favorite social medias, I decided to go ahead and give it out because I LOVE having new people to follow on the app. It's so much fun, especially with other bloggers. Not only do you get to see blog related snaps, you also get to see behind the scenes and regular snaps from their lives. Even the huge bloggers that have their snapchats public (for example - College Prepster) post tons of daily life stuff.

So in case you use Snapchat and would like to add me, here's a small sample of what you'll be seeing!

Cat photos. Her name is Gemma and she's almost a year and half. :)

Dressy nights out with friends.

Amusement park selfies with my roommate/best friend unknowingly in the background.

Holiday outfits that I wear to work!

Delicious desserts, of course. #snapchatbasic

Live updates on new piercings and tattoos! (Didn't even flinch!)

And more cat photos. And videos. And probably some more photos.

So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in...add me! :) I'd love to be friends.

Snapchat Username: allisonleighann

And if you do add me, send me a snap to introduce yourself! 

Happy Tuesday (night) everyone.

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