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Wednesday, June 3

Summer Festival Wear

{ Bandeau: c/o Eleven Lilies | Shorts: c/o Eleven Lilies | Vest: c/o Eleven Lilies | Necklacec/o Eleven Lilies | Shoes: Old }

I figured for my first real post back, I'd do a fashion post! I've been putting off everything that needs me to open my laptop since I was on it so much during finals week but I've missed blogging too much to put it off any longer. So - hopefully I'm back for good this time! I'm planning on taking some more fashion photos tomorrow AND I'll have an update post soon with a ton of graduation and cruise photos for those who are wondering where I've been!

As for this post, I absolutely adore this outfit. I worked with Eleven Lilies when I lived in ATL for a few months and I loved both the line and the owner! I saved these photos for a rainy day since it wasn't quite summer yet, but since it's now hot enough to immediately start sweating when I walk outside (thanks, Mississippi!), I figured now was the perfect time.

Are you going to any festivals/concerts this summer? If so, which ones? (JEALOUS!)

Happy Wednesday, everyone. :)

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