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Monday, April 20

How To De-Stress - What I Do.

I am moving into another new apartment on Tuesday. I work as a bartender with shifts that generally last from 3 PM til 3 AM if not a little longer. I'm a senior in college about to graduate in a few weeks, which means I have a bunch of finals and all of the last minute work to do that professors love to give. On top of that, I'm an honors student, so I'm still working on finishing my independent research that I have to present next Thursday in front of the entire honors college.

Needless to say, I am stressed out.

You may have noticed that I haven't had any new blog posts up in awhile. At first it was accidental because I didn't have time to put anything together, but then it got to where I realized that I needed a breather while dealing with everything around me. I'm still in the middle of it for the next three weeks, so I can't promise new posts every day (or even every other day), but don't abandon ship! I'm still always here reading comments and loving my readers just as much as normal. Comments from you guys make my busy days better. And once it's all over (I'm SO close!), everything will be back to normal on the blog.

But that being said, I figured the easiest, and most helpful, post I could do right now is to share with you guys how I've been de-stressing. I've found so many things that help calm my nerves that I could probably write a book, honestly. But here are the ones I do most often!

// Read No Sleep stories on Reddit (Download the app so you can read them in bed. It's how I calm myself down enough to go to sleep! To explain, No Sleep stories are horror/scary stories written by Reddit members. They can be completely true, completely false, or somewhere in between. However, every story must be treated as 100% true by the commenters. As such, all of the stories have to be written in such a way that they can be true. I LOVE them. It's my way to read something that isn't schoolwork but isn't long enough to distract me for an important amount of time.)

// Take a bath. Every day. (I know a lot of people tend to just take showers because they don't have time to take a bath, but it really does help! Just being able to sit for a little while and not worry about anything does wonders for my tired mind. Throw some bubbles in there and shave your legs while playing America's Next Top Model and you've got a blissful hour of relaxation ;)

// Use ASMR to go to sleep. (My boyfriend and I both do this. We're both "night people" and I'm a bit of an insomniac so sometimes it's hard to get enough sleep to feel even remotely happy or healthy the next day. Once we started using ASMR though, we go to sleep SO MUCH FASTER. There's a bunch of different kinds, but my favorite it whispers ASMR because if I hear specific words, it'll keep me up. Book sounds are my favorite.)

// Make time ONCE a week to do something with your stress far away from it. (I generally make this either be a night at the bar I work at since I know a bunch of people and we have trivia you can play. Being somewhere out of the house helps since I can't physically look at my books. If I don't go to the bar though, we'll generally have people over and play Cards Against Humanity or something. Just do something that takes your mind off of everything for awhile and refuse to talk about it. You'll come back to it all refreshed.)

// Run run run (Self explanatory, I think, but seriously! I normally don't exercise much so I don't mean go run a 5K or anything, but just getting outside and getting fresh air and making your heartbeat raise from physical activity helps so much with stress. Not to mention, if you run outside, you can get the added benefit of beautiful scenery if your city has some kind of park/track for you to run on.)

// Play with your pet! (Gemma is now a year old and I love her more every day. She might as well be my human child because that's how I treat her. Even just playing with her for a few minutes or having her sleep next to me can lower my stress levels a bit. She really loves laptops too so sometimes she'll come sit in my lap while I type or study. Her cuteness reminds me that there are still happy things in the world when I feel like there aren't any.)

// Drive. (I realize that this isn't one for everyone, but if I get to the point that I'm on the absolute verge of tears, whether it be for mental, physical, or emotional reasons, I'm going to drive. Every now and then I'll take someone with me, but most of the time I just go by myself. I drive and I blast the saddest songs I can think of, including one that pretty much always makes me cry my eyes out on its own. Sometimes it's good to get it all out. I normally drive a loop between here and a town near here. I get on the highway, veer off to the town, drive around it for a bit, then drive back to my own town on back roads. It's a big circle that takes about 45 minutes to complete, and by the time I get back I always feel 10x better. You'll cry yourself into exhaustion at some point and then you'll realize that it's okay. You'll calm down. And if nothing else, you can finally go to sleep.)

And there we go. 
Those are my ways to de-stress. 
And let me tell you, I have used all of these in the past couple of weeks. They work wonders no matter what your stress may be.

What do you use to unwind and de-stress?

Happy Monday, everyone. :)


  1. Going for a long drive has always been a great way to de-stress. I'm from a very rural area where there are lots of winding country roads with little to know traffic. I loved to go out there are just drive with my windows down and my music blaring. It's definitely not the same living in the city, but I still take the country roads any time I can!

  2. Good luck getting through the next few weeks! You can do it! I struggle to fall asleep and often lay awake restless - I need to try ASMR to fall asleep. I've never heard of it before, but it sounds like it could help.

  3. Great suggestions and keep the good work up! Almost there!!
    When I get so stressed to the point where I can't concentrate, I like to just get out of the place I'm at. So if I'm at home, I'll make that excuse to grab a coffee near by the neighborhood. Take that little time to take that walk and absorb the information too! xxx


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