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Tuesday, March 24

Jack Rogers - Which Ones Are Best For A Cruise?

Just a simple post today since I'll be out and about shipping books, working out, and shopping for my upcoming cruise! I'm headed to Old Navy since they apparently have a sale today (dresses are up to 40% off!), but I'm stuck on these shoes. I've always been a Jack Rogers fan but never wanted to spend the money to buy a pair.

However, I'm graduating in less than two months and I think it's definitely time for me to buy myself a graduation present. :) Especially since the cruise will leave about a week after my graduation day! I'm so ready for this summer. I'm normally a winter person but this last one has lasted too long for my liking and I'm ready for some relaxation (and roadtrips!).

But I do need help. Which one do you like best?

The gold, the blue, or the pink?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)


  1. I'm just saying... but the BEST color you can choose is the platinum. The other colors are fun and stuff- but platinum goes with EVERYTHING. I have six pairs of Jacks sandals. 2 pairs of platinum, one bone and white, one turq and gold, one all white, and one gold glittler. I wear the platinum ALL THE TIME. Seriously best choice you'll ever make,


  2. Buy a pair that will go with the most items in your wardrobe for the trip. ;)

  3. I have had multiple pairs of the platinum ones. I love the way they look, but they are definitely not a comfortable shoe. I never wear them when I will be walking a lot. Usually just to the movies or on dates ;) but I agree, the platinum pair are the best!

  4. I like the gold!! Congratulations on the upcoming graduation. A cruise sounds like the perfect way to relax & celebrate after such a big accomplishment - hope you have an amazing time!

  5. I liking the blue and gold one. I haven't heard of jack rogers before, you should totally treat yourself to a graduation gift. :)

  6. I like the gold best. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Well, I say gold because I'm a bit obsessed with it lately. I've discovered it goes with pretty much everything. I'm kinda jealous you're getting these too. They're gorgeous.


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