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Tuesday, March 3

Snow Day Relaxation

We had a couple of snow days last week, and the one good thing about them is the fact that it's perfectly acceptable to stay in pajamas all day, watching Netflix and laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing. On my snow days, I like to not really move at all if I can help it. And my activities include things that don't really require me to move from the bed (or couch):

// Watch old seasons of America's Next Top Model on Hulu
// Take a bubble bath and read No Sleep stories on Reddit
// Read a book. A real book that has pages and isn't backlit
// Update my planner
// Nap. Then nap again. And sometimes nap some more 
// Eat all of the girl scout cookies (thin mints) and ramen noodles

Snow days also mean that I can catch up on homework and clean my room...

(but we all know that probably won't happen)

What do you do on snow days?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)


  1. !!BUBBLE BATH!! - Easily my favorite thing ever!! *jealous*

    Anyway - you look super cute! :-)


  2. We had back to back snow days in Virginia recently. (The snow is STILL melting, a week later.) But I still have to shuttle to and from work with the boyfriend, so it sucks during the week. But last weekend I literally did not step one foot out the door. I stayed in from Friday night to Monday morning before work, and I don't care one bit. I wore leggings and baggy t-shirts the entire time, scrubbed my house clean THREE times, and watched copious amounts of Netflix.


  3. I do the same thing except for reddit (can't handle it...)
    Also love the girl scout thin mints! So yummy!

  4. Friends on Netflix :) and lots of tea and candles!

  5. I don't mind going out in the snow actually!! Doing house chores, do some laundry, watch a movie, the list is endless! But there's nothing better than staying in with a hot cuppa chocolate, probably s'mores by the fireplace, a warm cozy blanket and reading a book or just on the computer ! xxx

  6. Yes! Bubble baths can fix anything. :) Thanks girl!

  7. Geez! I can't even imagine that much snow. Goodness. However, I'm totally with you on the cleaning. It's freezing outside today and I've already vacuumed the whole house and loaded the dishwasher. I'm probably gonna sort the pantry as well. Yay for snow days? Haha.

  8. Oh gosh. Seasons 7, 9, and 11 are normally my go-tos but I've seen all of them more than once!

  9. I just got introduced to reddit this last year and OMG don't do it if you don't have time because it is so addictive!

    And yeah. They don't stay long in our house. :P

  10. Yes! Gosh, yes. Tea is the absolute best.

  11. I'm okay if I'm bundled enough but I'm so ready for spring that I like to think it is and just wear what I want, haha. So I tend to stay indoors. :P


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