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Tuesday, March 10

Maxi Skirts and Plaid

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I don't know about you, but I love maxi skirts. I'm only 5'1" though, so it makes it kind of difficult to find maxi skirts that fit correctly off the rack. I know I could just get them tailored, but I'm so bad about being too lazy to do that - i.e. I don't even know where a tailor is near me. Oops.

In any case, this maxi skirt is one of my favorites that I've ever picked up. I'm normally drawn to simpler skirts, but one of my favorite stores back home, Deep South Pout, had it on sale for FIVE DOLLARS. I have made a killing in the past few weeks when it comes to cheap clothing. Just happened to check everything at the right times, I suppose!

And since it was 70 degrees here yesterday, I paired a tank top with it instead of a normal shirt to celebrate the oncoming of warmer weather (finally). I've had this tank top forever and tend to forget I have it because it's so loose and looks weird with a lot of other clothes, but it fit perfectly with this outfit! Definitely my favorite outfit for the week, and it's perfect to wear to pretty much anything I would go to - day or night.

Do you like maxi skirts? If so, what're your favorite kind/colors?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)

(P.S. - I know that not everyone has a bunch of money to spend on clothes [and I'm right there with you!], so I do my best to link to similar clothing that's on a good budget. You'll never find me linking you to a skirt that costs $200 unless I specifically point out that it's something I'm wishing for myself. Most of my fashion posts, if not sponsored, are just clothes I already own, put together in a way to make them more versatile and cute. :) )


  1. I. Love. This. Skirt.

    I, too, am 5'1, so maxi skirts are not always my friend, and I HATE taking things to the tailor because I'm too busy to carve out time for something so small.

    And I looooove Deep South Pout, by the way. My future broke self says thanks. Sarcastically. ;)

  2. awesome!! I'm 5'1 too and have difficult times finding maxi! T___T so sad, because I love the trend! thanks for the share!

  3. I KNOW! I've been so lucky on stumbling upon great finds lately!

    You're very welcome, future self. ;)

  4. Yes! I love my height but not when it comes to skirts, haha.

  5. haha, lol XD being petite can be fun and interesting :P

  6. I have the opposit problems with maxi skirts - I'm almost 5'11" so they sometimes look weird and short on me! Love this look!

  7. Maxi skirts are my life! I'm 5'4, but as long as you wear some heels we're all good! Or I like to tie them up into a low side knot!

  8. Great style! You're totally rocking it!

    Lots of love,


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