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Monday, March 23

Forever 21 Lazy Day Outfit - All Black

All Black - All Forever 21

Sunglasses | Crossbody | LA Tee | Pants | Sandals - Similar }

Lately, I've been trying so hard not to keep buying black and gray and navy blue. My closet is filled with those three colors and even though I love bright colors in photos and on everyone else, it's jsut a habit to pick up what I know. So when I went shopping the other day, I made myself stay away from any neutral colors. BUT! Since I can't actually buy anything black since I promised myself I wouldn't, I decided to make a set of what I would buy.

And the best part about it? This whole outfit only costs $63! And that's rounding up.

I'm tempted to just buy the whole thing anyway and forget about my ban on neutral clothing. Jogger pants are probably the most comfortable pants in the world, and the fact that black goes with everything would just make them 10x better.

What do you think? Are you a fan of all black?

Happy Monday! :)


  1. My closet is full of black, a hazard of working in the food industry for my entire life. I do have a few bright things, but I like to wear all black with a pop of color or a great piece of jewelry, or perhaps a great colorful shoe! You can't go wrong with black and the outfit is adorable!

  2. Everything about this outfit is perfect for a lazy Saturday running errands. I'm completely in love with the whole vibe. Can we talk about those pants though? I love that they are subtle due to colors, but the pattern makes them a statement.

  3. I tend to stick with the basic colors (black, white, and navy blue) so this gives me an idea of how to wear my outfits. Thanks!

  4. I'm a fan of all black. I tend to buy all sort of color though. One way I have stretched others' range of colors is going shopping with them. If you shop with someone who knows your style and preference and bends, they know how to push you to try new things that will look good on you. I enjoy doing that for others. All black with pattern mixing does add a nice touch to this outfit, it goes back to the two piece matching outfits you were talking about not to long ago.

  5. I love these picks, and I love all black! This has such a cozy chic vibe to it, and it's so obviously your style. I'm a fan!


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