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Friday, March 6

A Tour of My Blogger Desk

I FINALLY bought a new desk. I've been lusting over a desk from West Elm for months now, but when I was in Target a couple of days ago, I found the absolute perfect desk. I don't have a ton of room for a desk in my already crowded bedroom, but I did have a space that I kept empty specifically for the desk I would eventually buy. AND I FOUND ONE! I absolutely love it. It's white, it has a drawer, it was cheap (comparatively), and it means I won't work on my bed and fall asleep five minutes into whatever I'm working on.

And in case you're wondering, here's what it looks like. :)

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?!
I feel like I'm a bit overly excited about this, but I really do love this desk.

Also, if you're looking for cute helpful items, I got the notepads, folders, paper clips, and pencils all from Target as well for $1 a piece.

Having nice (and adorable!) things doesn't always have to be expensive.

Happy Friday, everyone! :)


  1. So clean and cute! I would love a white desk! My desk at home in black and my desk here in my dorm is light wood....ick!

  2. I love your notebooks!


  3. I've been looking for a desk so I enjoy finding inspiration from others - yours is super adorable! That candle I reckon smells AMAZING! It really caught my eye. I love Target for all their little office supplies, it's dangerous for me haha.

  4. I love it! :) Glad you liked it as well!

  5. I've always wanted a white desk too! I had a blue one that I painted but it wasn't all that great. This is the first desk I've really liked. :)

  6. IT DOES! OMG it does. I also got it from Target, haha. All of this brand of candles smell amazing.

  7. So cute!! Now I want one ;)

  8. That's amazing! I'm sure it'll be fantastic too. ;)

  9. It's so chic and reasonable spaced! If we had target in the UK, I would totally go looking for it! haha. White is such a perfect colour, it goes with anything!

  10. YES! You could still order it online! ;)

  11. Love the tour of your desk! How people organize and decorate their workspace is one of my favorite things to look at.

    xx Alicia
    Between the Pearls


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