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Tuesday, March 31

A Playlist To Run To

I think this week is going to be a week of playlists. I used to have music going 24/7 but over the past few months, I haven't really listened to much just because of how many other things I focus on instead. However, the past few days have been used to download a bunch of music and re-make the playlists that I used to have. So here's playlist number two! 

And here's where you can download your running playlist!
(Minus Highway to Hell because Spotify doesn't have it!)

What do you run to?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)


  1. Paramore is freqqqquently on my workout playlist. Some of these I knew about, some I didn't. Cool stuff!!

  2. Thanks for the download info. Great list!

  3. LOVE Bulletproof! It's still such a great song to work out to. Also, I think that Paramore has a lot of good workout songs! Thanks for the list!

  4. I love your playlist. When I walk twice a day, I love listening to Pitbull. His music always gets me moving :)


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