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Friday, February 20

Top 5 Things I'm Lusting For Right Now

Free People - North Star Over the Knee Boot
Kate Spade - 'Cedar Street - Maise' Satchel'
Kate Spade - 'Metro' Crystal Bezel Heart Dial Watch

I am obviously still not past Valentine's Day. And oddly enough, I used to absolutely abhor the color pink. When I was younger, I was such a tomboy and never wanted makeup or long hair or anything to do with any kind of girly-ness. I was content to be in an oversize t shirt with unbrushed hair and my colorful shell choker that my mom constantly begged me not to wear. It wasn't until late middle school that I finally decided to try makeup and clothes that fit me, but like MANY other middle school kids in the 90s, I turned into this weird mix of a scene kid with gothic tendencies but the attitude of a happy little 8th grader. It was a weird time.

Fast forward a few years later and I was finally starting to find my own sense of style...but still hated pink. I think at that point I just hated it off of principle since I felt like I was expected to like it as a girl. But in the past six months or so, I've fallen in love with the color. Especially right now with everything so dark and winter-ish and heavy, pink just feels like SPRING and happiness and warm days and spring break.

So I have no shame for my love of pink right now.
And neither should you.
Maybe if I start wearing a lot of pink it'll get warmer quicker? (One can dream.)

What're some things you've been lusting over lately? I'd love to know!

Happy Friday, everyone. :)


  1. Oh---my---Gooood that watch! SO beautiful! And so are the boots, although I don't like wearing them.
    Yesterday I posted my Birthday wishlist, and it's all about clothing and jewelry. Here's the link, if you'd like to check :) (
    Have a lovely weekend! ♥

    1. I KNOW! It's absolutely gorgeous. Boots are my favorite though, it makes me feel put together. And I'll check it out! :)

  2. That bag. That dress. Those booties. My lust list has just been created! Sooooo pretty, Allison.

    1. Yes! They're just all fantastic. And drool worthy!

  3. Oh gosh, I love all of this! That bag!

  4. I have the Cedar Street Maise bag in a tiffany blue-ish. I looooove it! <3

    1. I bet you do!! It looks like the absolute perfect size.

  5. Love the boots!

  6. Love love them all especially the Kate Spade watch!!!

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