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Thursday, February 19

The Ways That People Find Me - AKA: I Giggled While Writing This

best scary movies you have never seen: Totally okay with this one. I assume it's because of my post this past week.

2015 interview outfits: Also from last week! My SEO is getting better apparently.

evolution sweet greens: I do see a lot of people pick these up at Starbucks

letter to my best friend for being by my side: This just made me awe. Out loud. And re-read my letter to my own best friend.

before i die wall asheville nc: Heck yeah! Knocked something off my bucket list. Thanks, Drew.

best what i wore blogs: I have no idea what this brought them to but this makes me smile. Especially since I've recently decided to add more fashion posts into my blog on a consistent basis.

fig leaves bathing suit retail: I loved my Figleaves bathing suit. And the fact that I could get in a pool without getting frostbite was nice.

but then they get weird...

and the fact that this one is: Who searches for that? And where did that lead you on my blog? 

i d adore you forever: I also have no idea where that led them to, but hey. I love love. Haha.

the same way: Do people just type in random words to see what's going to get brought up? I google wrong if so.

coffee cup tattoos: I don't actually have any coffee cup tattoos, but this made me contemplate getting one. I mean, hey. I love coffee. I love tattoos.

labels of schools of hard knocks: I just really have no idea.

tattoos gal hot but simple: Hey, thanks. :) 

ew im 27: But...I'm 22?

but i wingardium your leviosa: HAHAHAHAHA this seriously makes my day and I might get this monogrammed onto something or maybe worked into a tattoo. This is bomb.

youre my person teacup: You're MY person, teacup.

What's the weirdest things people have searched that led them to you?

Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Oh man, I started giggling uncontrollably in line at Starbucks. Making a mental note to look through my Google analytics!

    1. Hahaha good! I'd love to read yours as well! :)

  2. Hahaha, I just giggled out loud at a tech rehearsal. I'm not sure which one is my favourite. It's between "You're my person teacup" and "but I wingardium your leviosa"

    1. You're my person teacup is most definitely the winner, here. Mainly because it sounds adorable, haha.

  3. 'but I wingardium your leviosa,' hahaha! I think the bes thing that someone's searched and ended up on my blog is 'don't nobody put baby in a box.' Where did that even come from? I thought they put Baby in a corner. . . Dirty Dancing 2, maybe? Nonetheless, it made me laugh and I appreciated it.

  4. bahahahaaa! god bless google. ;)

  5. I love reading these! They are always hilarious!!!


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