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Thursday, February 5

ProSky - A Collegiate's Guide To Internships

Have you ever heard of ProSky? Chances are, you haven't. I hadn't either until recently. I got the incredible opportunity to work with the company for this post and I have absolutely no shame in saying so because I would represent them with or without the sponsored aspect. From the very beginning, both Her Campus and ProSky have been absolutely fantastic about helping me out with my understanding of the company.

So what is it?

It's a platform that lets you sign up for what YOU want to do and learn with programs such as SEO training, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. For me, and people like me who either haven't had the opportunity to have an internship or have kind of just pushed it to the back burner, these programs are essential for life after college.

The Social Media Marketing class, especially, is what caught my eye! Since I'm a blogger and always looking for new ways to get my content out, social media marketing would be exceptionally great to learn new skills for. With that training, ProSky promises that you'll learn to do a few things exceptionally:

// Increase your social media presence
// Be proficient in revenue sourcing
// Learn tools to manage cross channel marketing
// Become versed in strategic implementation

All of these things are so important for both bloggers and anyone who wants to work in marketing after college. The Social Media Marketing training instructor is Jarem Atkinson, who is currently managing the social media strategy and content marketing for the ZAGG, but has also worked for other companies, including Walmart and 2gig.


/The time on projects and course varies per course and also student. On average most students spend about 25-75 mins per day learning and working on the project. However, the time can vary depending on the course as well as the student.
// ProSky is all remote-based which is what makes it accessible and convenient. The interface makes collaborating a breeze. You log on to ProSky to access the curriculum, work with your peers, and upload files. You can also use the chat and video chat features as well as schedule time with their mentors for additional support.
// ProSkyers have worked on projects for Stance Socks, Zappos, Proof Sunglasses, and LinkedIn.

If interested, you can see all of the different programs you can apply to here. And you can do it anytime! If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask in the comments below. :)
Happy Thursday! 


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