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Wednesday, February 11

How To Be Casual & Cute (Without Sweatpants)

{ Dress: Target | Sweater: Target | Shoes: Aldo | Sunglasses: RayBan | Lipstick: Maybelline }

This is probably the best example of what I'd like to wear everyday. Even though it looks put together and cute, it's also extremely easy to wear all day since it's comfortable. And with the weather being in the lower 60s the last couple of days, I've been taking full advantage of the warmer weather by starting to wear some of my dresses again. I'm so hot natured that the 60s are my perfect temperatures and I couldn't be happier that spring finally looks like it's about to be here!

However, by Thursday it's supposed to be back down in the 40s, so I guess I can't put up all my winter clothes just yet (sadly). I normally love winter, but I'm just ready to be able to sit on my new back porch with a book or my laptop and not have to worry about needing a fire or six blankets to do so.

Are you ready for spring? (I'm not actually sure if anyone isn't by this point...) What's your favorite part about the warmer weather?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)


  1. oh this outfit is too cute! I'm a little jealous -- I can't ever wear the dresses at target as dresses, they always fit me like a shirt!

  2. So cute and comfy! Love it!


  3. Very cute! I'm still dealing with mounds of snow but my sundresses are calling my name. Then hopefully many more outfits like yours

  4. Can we just take a minute and acknowledge how stinkin' CUTE you are??? You pull off that ensemble like no other, and GIRL it's 10x cuter than any pair of sweats I know! Props to you for always being unafraid to rock any outfit. You do it well. (:

  5. I love this outfit. It's that perfect mixture of feminine, grunge, ease, and fashionable.

  6. awww! love the outfit~ looks so whimsical! <3


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