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Wednesday, February 18

Bedroom Tour: Atlanta Edition

I have FINALLY settled in here in my new home. It's not completely decorated how I want it yet, but since that takes money and money takes a job and I'm not really looking for a full time job for another month or so... my decorations will have to do for now. However, it is cozy. And filled with sunlight. And finally feels like home instead of vacation. :)

I'm planning on adding pops of pink throughout the room with pillows and such, along with painting my blue dresser (again) to make it neutral. After that, I'm planning on getting a desk! I have a little nook that my desk can go in and I'm just itching to get a real desk so I can sit somewhere that's not my bed or the couch to work on things.

My favorite part of my room right now though is most definitely my bed. It's so comfortable and so easy to spread out homework or planners or whatever else on. As long as my bed is made, I'm pretty good at not falling asleep on it. For now, at least.

What's your favorite part of your room? 

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. I have that SAME Day Designer and LOVE it! I feel super lucky to have gotten my hands on one! Also... love that dresser and typewriter! Fabulous!

  2. Ahhh, your room already looks so cozy and homey! And I absolutely love that dresser, where did you find it?!

    xx, Lizzie

  3. Your room is very quaint and cute! I think my favorite though was the massive and awesome Harry Potter books box set!

  4. I love your "you got this" frame. My favorite part of my room is my fan, which is starting to fade away (it's made of paper!) How are you going to redo your dresser???

  5. Oh my gosh. Obviously I've missed a LOT in my hiatus. I wish we could do a blogger meetup halfway between Virginia and Georgia. Wouldn't that be amazingly fun?


  6. I love this blog!!! Very nicely done with practically. I have no idea how to decorate and these ideas have helped me a lot! Thank you. I saw a bed in Mr. Furniture. Co.Now I will buy this very soon.And must be trying to decorate my bedroom like as your bedroom tour idea post.


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