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Tuesday, February 3

Andrew Marc Winter Coats

Like many other college students, I try my best to save money so I can spend it on more important things (rent, takeout, movies, and alcohol, mainly - priorities) so I don't normally spend that much on clothing. I'm all about buying a few really good pieces that will last a long time and do the job they're supposed to EXTREMELY well. And if something does that, then I'm okay with spending the extra cash.

Which is where Andrew Marc comes in. For the most part, I'm extremely hot natured, so I don't really own that great of a coat. However, I'm planning on doing New Year next year in NYC with Stephen and I know I'll need a better coat then. Not to mention, the weather here lately has been so sporadic that some days I could wear a tank top and other days it's so windy outside that I'm pretty sure I might get knocked over while trying to walk to my car.

Because of that, I've been on the hunt for a good coat that will last a long time. Something not TOO out of my price range (because anything over $250 is just not going to happen - even if it's indestructible). So here are a few of my favorites from Andrew Marc that are still in my (& hopefully your!) price range.

Which one is your favorite? (Or is there another on the site that you fell in love with?) I think the Elena is my all time favorite. :)

Happy Tuesday!


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