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Tuesday, December 2

Bright Colors for a (Less Than) Wintery December

{ Dress: Free People | Tights: Old | Shoes: Deep South Pout | Necklace: Deep South Pout | Lipstick: Maybelline }

I am so angry about our weather situation here in Mississippi. It was 70 degrees today. SEVENTY DEGREES. MOTHER F. I was listening to Christmas music a ton last week getting myself in the mode for Christmas and better days that don't involve staying up late writing papers or studying for finals but then today the weather decided that it was going to revert back to the early September afternoons from two months ago. 

On the bright side, the outfit above is perfect for the weather right now. Even though it was 70 degrees today, it's actually staying in the 60s for the most part right now. I hate that it's still so warm, but on the bright side...I get to still wear wintery-themed clothes without having to layer scarves and jackets and head wraps on top of them yet. Fall is probably my favorite time for fashion because you don't have to worry about it being too hot or too cold for anything. Most items in an outfit are acceptable since the weather isn't one extreme or the other.

I actually wore almost this exact outfit on my birthday (a month ago!). I absolutely love these red tights and if I can ever remember where I got them, I'll happily update this post and let all of you know. However, the Free People dress is really what got me. I'm not one to consistently buy expensive clothing, but the splurge I made for this dress has never brought me down. I love it. It's beautiful and flowy and fits me perfectly. And even better - it has a see-through back. Quirks in a dress are what make me love it and this one is really just amazing.

What about you? Any fall or winter pieces that you just absolutely love right now?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! (and may the odds be ever in your finals week favor)


  1. I'm totally bummed about current weather. It's also super hot in Karachi :(

  2. The weather is confusing me too. Here in the UK I am in my Christmas jumper, but absolutely boiling as it's so sunny outside. I love winter sun but wish the weather would make it's mind up!
    I love lovee your dress! It's so pretty! The tights are really cool too. x
    Maria's Adventures

  3. you complain about the warm weather (I hate cold!) and were listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving - I think those are mortal sins here in the south.... :) But I wont disown you b/c you have some amazing style - and I want that dress - if you ever decide that you don't have room for it in your closet anymore, then I know a closet that it would find lots of love in... :)

  4. I love, Love, LOVE that dress!!! It's so pretty!!

  5. I love the dress and tights together! Festive, even if the weather isn't. :)

  6. I am not complaining that the weather has been warmer than usual, I am sure the wintry days are just ahead. I love to wear bright colors on dreary days, it lifts my spirit.

  7. i love all blues and pinks this season. i love winters and these colors make me happy and on the go. i loved your blue dress and i think the heels went with them perfectly.
    Era Light (Melissa George)

  8. bright colours are necessary for winter

  9. I NEED THOSE TIGHTS! Gosh I've never seen anything like em...


  10. You have a nice sense of fasion

  11. I love the idea of bright colors in winter.

  12. I wish I could pull off that hair color. I have dyed my hair blonde in the past, but have never been as daring to try platinum. Looks great on you! I know what you mean about the weather scenario not matching the Christmas spirit too. It was warm, considerably, for Wisconsin too. Very unappealing. Love those red tights too by the way. You have such cool style!

  13. i wish it was hot here! i understan why you have wore that exact combination before, it is amazing! love the tights and the dress, but mixed tgheter its ever better!


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