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Wednesday, November 19

Winter Has Finally Arrived!

Happy Wednesday!

This week seems to be dragging by, which I assume is because it's finally almost Thanksgiving break. There is seriously nothing more that I'm looking forward to than our big family Thanksgiving dinner at my parents next Thursday (plus the fact that I won't be in class for a week). 

But the fact that it's so close also means that it is getting SO cold outside! 

I'm the first person to admit that I'll set my alarm to get up at a certain time and then snooze it for another half hour. And at that point, my hair tends to be put on top of my head and my fingers always reach towards a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I love fashion, I really do, but on most days...I love sleep more.

But today I actually got up early and got ready! I had some early morning errands and work that I had to do, so I figured that attacking the day put-together would make it go much smoother. I grabbed a new dress that I bought from Old Navy, an infinity scarf that's generally a bit too long but worked out perfectly, and my new purse (it's reversible!) and I had an outfit that was so much better than just grabbing the same thing over and over.

I could've used some tights or leggings under the dress to stay warm, but dressing nicer really did make a difference. I feel like I've had two days instead of one because of all the extra time!

{ Dress: Old Navy | Scarf: Old | Hat: Deep South Pout | Shoes: Deep South Pout | Purse: Deep South Pout }

What're you wearing for winter so far?


  1. Love the outfit! Xxx

  2. Why are you so adorable? I love everything about this. Your hat is so cute, and now I feel like I need a reversible purse in my life.

    1. Haha awe, thanks, beautiful! :) The hat was such an impulse buy, but I LOVE it! And the reversible purse is also totally worth it. If I'm not feeling green, it's a brown on the inside that goes with everything!

  3. Allison you look really lovely! Having a productive day is the best thing :)

  4. I love this! That bag girl, I need it! You look ready to take on the world, I'm diggin' it!

  5. This look is fabulous girl!! I love that it's got a vintage flare to it! I'm glad I found your blog through the Southern Girl Blog community!


  6. gloves!
    i love your hat and your gloves!


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