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Monday, November 17

Supernatural in Chicago. #ChiCon

The Supernatural convention in Chicago was an absolute dream. I still can't believe that I was that close to everyone from a show that's been my favorite since freshman year of college. These pictures aren't the greatest quality because all of them were taken with my iPhone (forgot my camera in the rush to get out of town...oops.) but it really was fantastic.

There were panels with all of the stars on both Saturday and Sunday that lasted between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. We decided to use Friday to explore Chicago instead, but I assume that Friday was set up the same way. For all of you people who don't know actor names, but do know character names, we met the young John Winchester, the young Sam, Ezekiel, Chuck, Metatron, Sam, Dean, Kevin, Crowley, and Castiel. And it was AMAZING.


I mean, really. That was the highlight of my weekend. He is much shorter in person than you think he would be. 

Outside of the panels, they had tables set up with all kinds of stuff. From t shirts to bags to cups to shot glasses to keychains to everything in between. You could even just buy photos of the cast, even back to season one when sam had the high school flippy hair going on.

And for those wondering about Chicago in general, it's a pretty cool city, I suppose. It's not my favorite, but there are definitely some things that made it worth going the extra day. The Willis Tower was gorgeous. It's the photo at the top of this post that shows me sitting over what seems like air. We were over 100 floors up and they had balconies made entirely of glass that looked over the city that were equally beautiful and terrifying to stand (or sit) on. There was a girl next to me in one of them getting a picture of herself jumping and I'm pretty sure I had to calm down a welling panic attack and reassure myself that the glass box wasn't moving. I gingerly walked in and sat where I am in the photo and then tip toed back out.

All in all, it was really a great weekend. The only real negative I have to give Chicago is how much money you'll pay in parking fees. Even our hotel had a daily parking fee to pay. There's a train there but it's not extremely convenient to use, so sadly, we had to fork over the cash so we could park and walk to where we wanted.

What about you? Ever been to Chicago? Or a Supernatural convention?

Happy Monday, everyone! :)


  1. I'm so jealous! I've loved Supernatural forever, but I've never been able to make it to a con. I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Being from Chicago it always weird to read people say our trains aren't convenient I've been to NYC, Philly, DC (basically all of the East Coast) and I've never found a train and bus system as easy and convenient as ours. I guess I'm bias but I just love Chicago because unlike NYC it isn't a "tourist trap" there's so much to discover each day. I come from a Navy family thats been all other the globe and Chicago will always be my favorite place in the whole entire world <3

  3. love your photography please let me know what camera you use


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