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Tuesday, November 4

Quick Update.

Hello there lovelies!

I know it's been awhile since I've had a real post, and because of that, I am so super excited to tell you that new and amazing things are about to happen with Allisonleighann! :) If you check back today or tomorrow, you'll see a completely new design, done by the fabulous Whitney Blake, I'm in the middle of a couple of things that I'm excited to share, and my first post back will be involving a year long project that I'm hosting with one of my favorite blogging besties, Elizabeth from October June, starting in January of 2015!

I look forward to starting the next chapter of this blogging-world-roller-coaster ride with everyone, and I hope you're all just as fantastically excited about it as I am.

I hope your Tuesdays are all FABULOUS! 

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