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Wednesday, September 3

What Instagram Life Is Like Lately. ☼

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you don't know that I post a plethora of random photos on a regular basis. I use my Insta for blog related things, yes, but it's also my personal account so it's about 80% filled with regular, 21 year old photos, including selfies with Harry Potter mugs, alcohol, and the places I go whenever I have enough money saved up to pay for the gas to get there.

I LOVE Instagram. 
If you'd asked me my favorite social network six months ago, I'd have said twitter. But recently, I have rediscovered the joy that is finding new people and places and things on Insta. 

If you check it out, you'll notice that I don't follow THAT many people (200 something), but that's really only because I'm kind of lazy at looking through the people who follow me. I normally just click #hashtags and let them lead me on a path down the Instagram black hole. BUT! If you think your Insta is super cool and quirky or gorgeous and fun or filled with cats or traveling or whatever else you think I'd like, I'd love to follow you! Somehow make yourself known (either in the comments on this post or comment on one of my photos) and I'll absolutely check you out. Because I really do love finding inspiration from Insta.

In any case, here are some of my own from the past month or so!

Started senior year of college a few weeks ago! I still can't really believe it.

It's the Goblet of Fire, basically. I mean...look at it. 

Just call me Hermione. :)

Our To-Go station on campus has gotten WAY better this year! I was so glad to see healthier options in it.

3rd Vox Box to date and I still love it!

Linville Caverns, North Carolina. This photo has almost 300 likes so apparently everyone loves mountains. Which is absolutely understandable. Because it was absolutely beautiful up there. And 65 degrees.

Also in North Carolina! One of the very few times I've been pretty dressed up as of late.

The consequences of hiking up a mountain in the rain in my white converse. Oops. Think bleach will help?

How's your instagram faring lately? What's your favorite social network?

Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Bless your heart with the shoes! And I see that MS State shirt, Go Rebs! ;)

    1. Seriously! I'm crossing my fingers that the bleach really will help. However, it's a cool memory to have so even if it doesn't, it was worth it. :) Hahaha, Hail State!

  2. You have an adorable instagram! You should put on there what you want! If you want you can add me too: cherylslife67. I am 47 but I put my kids, my husband, and stuff I just get tickled with!

  3. Congrats on your FIRST last day of college! I feel like I might be in school for the rest of my life! (-: I looooveee those Garden Tomato & Basil chips! And Instagram and Twitter!

  4. I want to learn to use instgram ,it looks like so much!

  5. i love instagram. interesting place to meet people and discover lot of things, but i noticed theres too much makeup going on instagram

  6. I have an instagram acct but don't really post photos on it but I love looking what others post. I enjoy pinterest and finding articles, recipes, information, etc.

  7. I'm new to instagram. i joined to it recently.

  8. I don't even use Instagram. Um? I used to really be into social networking but I am not anymore so I couldn't really say what I like the most. I suppose my fave is Pinterest if I had to choose.


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