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Friday, September 5

HUGE September Amazon Giveaway!

For the first time ever, I've decided to co-host on an extremely large giveaway through OhMyGoshBeck. I've participated in a few of them over the last couple of months, but normally I just choose a baby spot in the huge pool of bloggers that partake in these. However, I've wanted to play larger part in one for awhile and when I saw that this giveaway is giving 9 meals to needy families across America for every blogger that joins in, I knew that this was the month that I needed to step it up. So here we go!

I would love for all of you to join in as well if you never have, and there will be a link to do so later in this post! 

This month we’re giving away a $750 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader!

If you want a chance to be the lucky winner, here’s what you need to do - bookmark this page and come back every day to enter and earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway with your friends on social media. Good luck! :)


$750 Amazon gift card
Organized by:
Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory blog comment entry, all other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 10/3 and is open worldwide.
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  1. I actually just bought a book for college!!!

  2. Some stupid calculator that I was required to buy for class even though I have 3 other calculators… of course I have to have a specific one that I don't already own. But amazon had it!

  3. This would be great to get a new netbook/tablet that folds 360 degrees. After my accident I often find myself laying flat in bed and this would help.

  4. The last thing I bought from Amazon were books for college for my daughter!

  5. The last thing I purchased from Amazon was a few parrot toys for my... you guessed it, parrot. Romeo loves his new toys!

  6. Oh, I didn't know this giveaway support such a nice effort! It makes it even better :)

  7. The last thing I bought from Amazon was Moroccan Oil

  8. The last thing I purchased from amazon was
    Christmas gifts for my daughter and mother.

  9. Don't low if the last post posted so I'll answer a again. The last thing I bought from Amazon was a usb cable.

  10. I bought Season 4 of the show My Boys on DVD!

  11. The last thing I bought was a ton of textbooks!

  12. Last thing I bought was an ebook! Thanks for the giveaway! : D

  13. Books, earphones, and a new phone case :) x

  14. I finally saved up enough money and bought an ipad!
    ~Stacey Brucale

  15. I've already entered!!!!!!! yahhhhhh

  16. I bought an ebook, don't remember which one, I have a one-click problem :P

  17. My tripod! Which I use regularly. It was a few months back.

  18. Sadly, the last thing I ordered from Amazon was school-related, which was a math manipulatives kit!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


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