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Saturday, August 2

Tommy Bahama Relaxation Sweepstakes: "Summer of Go"

Today's post is sponsored by Tommy Bahama, but my love for National Relaxation Day is all my own!

When Tommy Bahama contacted me about sponsoring a "relaxation post," I was immediately all for it. I am on the go SO much lately between working and blogging and traveling that I really haven't taken any time to just relax and have a good, happy, relaxing summer day. This summer is flying by incredibly fast and I need to take my time before the option of it is gone (when classes start back in a few weeks).

To remind myself just how relaxed I could be right now, I decided to find some old pictures of some of the most relaxing times I've had in the past few years since my college career has started.

After spending a weekend at her river house with no service whatsoever.

A week at the beach with friends on spring break.

On top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh.

Ice skating for the first time.

On a beach in Dublin, Ireland.

On the tower bridge in London.

Mardi Gras with best friends.

At a fair (...?) we happened upon in London by the Eye one night.

I LOVE traveling. And when I get to relax while traveling, it's 100x better. Obviously, a lot of these photos are at the beach, which cracks me up because I'm generally not a huge beach fan. (All the sand gets in absolutely everything). But there's just something about a beach vacation that lets you relax more than you ever thought possible. For me, it's the sound of the waves and the smell in the air that makes it so relaxing.

Tommy Bahama inspired me to share my own moments of relaxation while also sharing with y'all the sweepstakes they have going on right now! It's called the "Summer of Go" sweepstakes and has weekly prizes being given away until August 18th and a Grand Prize that will be awarded on National Relaxation Day weekend (August 15th-18th). It's all about you and your means to relaxation! You can enter at the Tommy Bahama Campaign Landing Page.

Here's what you could win!

Weekly Prizes:

1 | Air transportation for 2 anywhere Alaska Airlines flies
2 | 3 night stay at select Fairmont Hotels and Resorts locations
3 | $500 Tommy Bahama Gift Card
4 | "Summer of Go" Travel Pack
5 | $50 Uber Credit

Grand Prize:

1 | Air Transportation for 4 anywhere Alaska Airlines flies
2 | 7 night stay for 4 at the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii
3 | $1000 Tommy Bahama Gift Card
4 | Dinner at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant on Mauna Lani
5 | $200 Uber Credit
6 | "Summer of Go" Travel Pack

So if you want the chance to win some amazing prizes and have a week or so off from work, class, traveling, blogging, or whatever else you may be doing...go enter! It's super easy to enter and you can do it more than once.

How do you relax? What would be your perfect vacation if you won?

Happy Saturday!
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