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Sunday, August 10

How to Save Money Online Shopping

Hey darlings! I'm Ashliegh, the blogger behind The Darling Daily and I'll be taking over for Allison today! I'm so glad I was able to room with her during #HerConference last month! Allison is super sweet and stylish. We were able to go shopping  together while we were in NYC and found we both have a passion for shopping on a budget. While I love shopping the stores in person, I also find a lot of great deals when I shop online. Here are a few of my tips for saving money while shopping online!

1. My mom told me about Ebates years ago and I've been using it since high school! Ebates helps you find the best coupons online and you get cash back with each purchase that saves up in your account then, every few months you'll get a check in your mailbox! It's like being paid to shop! Also, when you sign up, you get to chose a $10 gift card from select stores!

2. What's not to love about Groupon?! I often find great deals for hair cuts, manicures, spa treatments, and even restaurants and traveling! I'm actually looking at the Cancun trip for spring break right now! You can buy Groupons for yourself or give them as gifts...even use them for date night!

3. Rue La La is THE bomb dot com. You say you have that champagne taste on a cheap beer budget type style? Guess what, Rue La La offers the best of both worlds! You can get your favorite name brands for SUPER cheap. Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers, Calvin Klein and other favorites...yeah, they are frequently offered for insanely low prices!

4. Student Rate focuses on putting money back into students' pockets! Many of us are online shopping anyways so make sure to check them out! Signing up for an account is free and you can get more information about Student Rate here.

How do you save money when shopping online?

With Love,

Ashliegh Jarzenski
The Darling Daily

Speaking of shopping on a budget, I am SUPER excited to try out some Dove products next week and share them with you ladies (and gents)! I'm back from NC so I'll be checking emails and replying over the next day or so, and I'd love for you to get familiar with Dove before I share with you what I think about their products! :)

They have a sweepstakes going on right now that anyone is welcome to enter! Dove is challenging women across the country to ditch their sleeves and win a trip to Fashion Week in NYC and a VIP styling session with Erin Walsh. A styling session sounds like epic amount of fun so I definitely entered when I heard about it.

I'm going to be trying out some of their deodorant (which is awesome because I'm almost out of mine and I'm not a huge fan of the brand I use - Secret), and this deodorant promises to keep you (and me!) odor free and dry for FORTY EIGHT HOURS. That's a long time. It's crazy.

In any case, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! :)

Happy Tuesday!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.

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  1. I have been using Ebates for awhile, I like it. Like you said, you get paid to shop which is cool. :)

    1. Definitely! I love when I find extra money in my account because my Big Fat Check from Ebates came through!

  2. great advice and so easy to put into practice :)
    You are welcome to visit my blog

  3. this is so handy these days why pay more than you have to. and the money you save helps to go for other things.

  4. I like to check out any cashback or promo code website before I buy anything online. I was in college (undergraduate) a few years back, and unfortunately didn't have the resources online that we have today. If I were a college student, I'd be ecstatic about being able to find cheaper rates for so many college related products and books these days. Thanks for the link to studentrate! Never heard of it before. I'll have to pass it on to my siblings!

  5. Helpful! Thanks. Ebates sounds cool.

  6. This ebates thing looks pretty nice! i am gonna try it


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