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Friday, July 11

Lucky Lusyano Bowties For Men AND Women!

Side note before this post: I'm currently in a car or on a plane to NYC for the Her Campus conference this weekend, so I'd appreciate prayers for safe travels! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and be sure to message me if you'll be in town as well! :)


I LOVE bowties. I've also never owned a bowtie...just pinned a lot of images with them, really.
So when I had the opportunity to partner with Lucky Lusyano, I jumped at it!

After spending a few days emailing back and forth with Mark, I was on my way to getting not one but TWO bowties in the mail. One for me to keep and review, and one to give away! And they got here from Italy so much faster than even Amazon prime gets my packages to my house.

Their bowties are completely 100% handmade and they definitely feel like they're made out of quality fabric. Every single bowtie is unique and they've been shipping them worlwide since 1995! Needless to say, when I got home and opened my package, I was super excited to try both of them on.

They have a velcro closure, which is good for me because I definitely do not know how to tie a bowtie otherwise (anyone wanna teach me? Youtube tutorial, maybe?). The strap is adjustable and comes off extremely easy so you can put it through the wash without worrying about it tearing up the strap or the bowtie.

Plus, it's super cute. How could you not love this bowtie?

If you'd love to have your own bowtie (the one in the photos!), go ahead and enter the giveaway!! 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. You expect me to pick a favorite?! Allison! If my hand was forced, I'd have to choose the gorgeous white and blue bow in the "summer party" section :)

    1. I DO! Hahaha. Blue is one of the best colors for bowties, in my opinion. :) They go with everything!

  2. Love bowties! My husband and groomsmen wore them for our wedding. He had a green one for the ceremony and a Star Wars one for the reception. :)

    1. That's so baller. I'd have a Harry Potter one if I could. ;)

  3. No! I'm not going to the conference this year! D: I would've loved to meet you. Anyway I love the outfit! It's very pinup.

    1. YOU SHOULD HAVE! But at least go next year so I can meet you. :) Haha, thanks girl! ;)

  4. You definitely look awesome in those bow ties. never thought girls would look good in them but you rocked it.

  5. You look absolutely radiant!! I agree with Night's hard for girls to pull off a bowtie but you do it flawlessly. :)

    1. Thank you! :D I'm glad you all think so!

  6. I just checked out the website and...that is bow tie heaven! I actually do have a bow tie already, but it's a very sad and cheap black paisley thing that I haven't worn in years (although I wore it religiously in high school). The ones by Lucky Lusyano are much classier and prettier! (Plus, the outfit you made with it is wonderful :D)


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