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Sunday, July 20

Her Campus National Collegiate Conference

It is blatantly obvious how much I failed at blogging everyday this week. I had the pictures to do so and I had the want to do so, but I just didn't have the time. I've sat down to upload the pictures and write out this post SO many times, but other work just got in the way (as did one night of drinking on my front porch with friends - priorities, right?)

So instead of a few small posts, this is basically going to be a photo loaded post filled with snapshots of my weekend and some info about the conference at the end. Most of these were taken on my phone since lugging my camera around NYC and the conference seemed embarrassingly touristy and unnecessary, so bear with me! I have even more photos that I may eventually put up as well, but these were some of my favorites!

As a quick summary of the photos, I ate a lot of pizza on the go, met a few of my favorite bloggers (Hello, Larz and Carly!), messed around in an Apple store, and happened upon the most beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers while walking towards the subway one night.

New York City was just as fabulous as it was when I was there a couple of years ago, and the conference itself was wonderful. It was probably the coolest weekend of my life with all the excited "Wait, are you Allison??" , staying with Ashliegh and Sarah, and meeting/chatting with some of the most successful women in the country was so worth the round trip ticket and hotel.

If you're in the Her Campus network and didn't go this year, you should for sure go next year. There are keynote speakers at breakfast and lunch that inspired me to the point of taking notes, which I never do. There are panels throughout the day for you to choose from, and they also feed you all day! 

It's so refreshing to see women around my age (20+) that are not only diving headfirst into living their dreams, but also succeeding past what they dreamed in the first place. I was so set on immediate grad school after I graduate in May but now that I've gone to this conference and met the ladies that I did, I've been questioning that decision. Especially since I want to work in editing or possibly social media/marketing.

What do you think? What are your dreams after college?

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)
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  1. so jealous! i wanted to go so badly! it looks like you had a great time

    1. I really did! It's totally worth the money. :)

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the conference! Since I am living after college, I am considering grad school but not actively pursuing it. I'm focusing more on finishing the book I have been writing. My biggest reason why I'm not in grad school is I am not sure what I would study and I am feeling a little burn ed out on the school routine. So we will see what happens. What would you study if yo went to grad school?

    1. I totally did! What kind of book are you writing? I'll be going to grad school for publishing, most likely.

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to go to the conference! Following along on you Instagram made me really think about going next year. It sounds like it was a really informative experience, and something I would love to do. And to meet bloggers that you've been following for so long, that's amazing!

    1. I REALLY wish you had gone as well! I'd have loved to have met you in person!!

  4. This looks like it was uber fun! I'm a little jealous.I've heard wonderful things about being a part of Her Campus. And you are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    alyssa nicole @

  5. wasn't able to make it this year but sounds like you had a great time! i mean once you feel the need to take notes you know it must have been something important!

  6. So jealous that you got to meet Carly!
    Haute Table

  7. Ah! Yay! Her Conference :D it was an absolute blast meeting and hanging out with you on Saturday! Haha I totally feel you about not having enough time for ze blogging, but I am super glad you posted this recap! Now, I jut have to up my game :)

  8. I want to be a part of this community! It looks like you had so much fun. And I totally feel you about not having the motivation to blog lately. I had a bunch of photo shoots and was busy editing all week/weekend, but I FINALLY managed to post an entire collection of one of my college seniors. [And I seriously hope I get to photograph you one day, beautiful.] :)


  9. I'm jealous! It looks like you had the best time!

  10. So sad I didn't get to go! I feel like I'll be too old since I'll have been graduated from college for 2 years by then! haha.


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