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Friday, July 4

Happy 4th! :)

I did something this morning that I almost never do...

I got up before 7:30 to go eat breakfast with my family since my sister and her family were in town for the first time in four years (they've been stationed in Japan). I'm an extremely heavy sleeper and my bed is my #1 relationship, so I feel like I've already had half of a day and it's only 9:40 at the moment.

However, it got me off on the right track!

I'm going back to eat lunch with the family after I take a nap (let's be honest, I still need a few more hours. I don't go to bed til after 2 most nights). We're gonna celebrate the 4th correctly! Four wheelers, grilling out, a ton of family and little kids playing basketball. I love it.

It's times like these that make me wish I had more time to go home, but it also makes it more special when I do get to see everyone.

And last night we shot fireworks.

My camera isn't the best for shooting fireworks, but it'll do! 

Happy 4th, everyone! :) 
Go wear adorably tacky amount of red, white, and blue and have a fantastic day.
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