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Friday, July 25

Cute Summer Purses For Under $50!

cheap summer bags

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I am always wanting to buy a new purse. I think they're gorgeous and not only hold the plethora of stuff I  keep with me at all times, but they also can make an outfit ten times cuter. And some purses just don't go with certain outfits. Throwing a bright yellow purse on with a red outfit just screams Mcdonalds to me and I just can't do that.

But my biggest problem is that I'm broke. I'm normally kind of teetering on the edge of broke and not broke, but since I went to NYC last weekend, I am on the far end of having no money. Don't get me wrong, I can still pay my bills, but I definitely don't have the money to buy a $200 handbag right now (even though I really do love Michael Kors). 

So with myself, and others like myself, in mind, I decided to make this collage of purses that are super affordable. All of these are $50 or less! And for how cute they are, I can't believe I found all of them so cheaply.

Shop on, my fellow young adults with no money! Shop on!

Which one do you like best? :)

Happy Friday!
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  1. Cute bags, but you've got a different definition of "cheap" than I do when it comes to handbags. I'd call those "expensive", and a Michael Kors bag "absurd"

    1. lol agreed! i love them all, but to me a $50 purse is an investment, and a $5 thrift shop purse is cheap.

  2. I love how simple they are! The favs are the pink & navy!

    The Spontaneous Idealist

  3. Many great purses:)

    So fun that you wanna be a blogfriend, will be fun to follow you.


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