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Wednesday, July 9

Adorable Summer Bags ☼☼

Bags for Summer

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I have been absolutely obsessed with Polyvore lately. I browse on it like it's Pinterest, so don't be surprised if Friday's post is a collection as well! 

I have been in love with the middle Kate Spade bag forever, so when I saw it on Polyvore, I knew it was going to be the center piece for this bag collage. The whole collage doesn't really have a theme because I don't really have just one style. Every one of these makes me stop and say "OMG I would use that all the time" regardless of brand or color.

So while I'm sitting here watching Mean Girls (hello, productive movie), I'm deciding if my bank account can take a small hit to let me buy one of these.

Because I really do love Kate Spade. Especially they're wallets.
However, a few of these bags are pretty cheap! Make sure to click on the number to see!

What's your favorite bag for this summer? :)

P.S. - If you're going to the HCBN conference this weekend, comment and let me know!! I'd love to talk to you about it! 
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  1. I'm LOVING the Kate Spade one! Gorgeous colour!


  2. The first two bags are absolutely adorable! I really love the Photo Finish Milo! Omg!

    I'm so jealous that you're getting to go to the conference! I wish. I'm sure it will be an absolute blast!

    1. YES! They're so gorgeous! :)
      I wish you were going so I could finally meet youuuu! Maybe next year!

  3. Love all these bags! I'm actually working on a little post about that J.Crew Satchel, I want one so bad <3

  4. All of them are super cute, how would you ever choose?! :) That lavender is a perfect color for summer, I think!

    1. I KNOW! It's a good thing I'm broke right now and about to go to NYC! Haha.

  5. I'm obsessed with the second bag!

    Adriana Renee

    1. It's gorgeous, I know! And it could go with everything!

  6. What a cute group of handbags.

  7. My gurgling belly could go for some cake right now. So thanks... I'm such a sucker for a handbag, too... Damn you!


    1. So could mine, actually. :P And hey, don't hate me. I just help! Haha.


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