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Friday, May 23

Whish Shave Cream, Hair Inhibitor, and Gillette Venus Razor Review!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body samples to facilitate my review." 

I have such a problem with buying expensive shaving products when I don't know whether they work or not, so when Whish decided to send me two products to use, I was SUPER excited to try both of them! Because let's be real, I'm a college student on a budget...I really just use conditioner as shaving cream for the most part (which, just so you know, kinda ruins your razors. oops).

They sent me two full sized products:

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream (in Pomegranate) 
// Natural Squalene works as a moisturize
// Organic Shea Butter protects and heals to reveal young and healthy skin
// Organic Green Tea provides sun protection and anti-again properties
// Organic Cocobut Oil helps penetrate skin to deeply moisturize
// Organic Jojoba Seed Oil seals in moisture for hydrated and radiant skin

Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel (also Pomegranate)
// Instead of oils, they use organic beeswax as the base
// Organic aloe includes a soothing, natural anesthetic with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties
// Organic Shea Butter is an ideal natural skin moisturizer because it has high levels of non-saponifiable fats and antioxidants
// Panthenol gives added hydration and moisture
// Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Palmitate to renew fresh skin
// Chapparel Extract to inhibit hair growth

And I absolutely love love love both of them. They smell incredible and the inhibitor gel especially makes my legs feel extremely soft. It really does inhibit hair growth too! I didn't shave my legs for a week after I started using it (sorry, boyfriend), but at the end of the week, it really only looked/felt like it'd been a few days instead. It would be perfect for the beach or just any vacation, really.

I normally buy my stuff at Walmart, but for Whish products, you can go to Nordstrom and buy it online! It's about $20 for the shaving cream and $26 for the hair inhibitor, so it's a bit more expensive than what I normally buy, but it's a pretty big amount AND it is amazing! So worth the extra few dollars.

Here's a link to the two products I was given:

Shave Cream | Hair Inhibitor

I'd love to hear about your own experience with the brand or if you're going to try them out! :)

I received a razor from Gillette Venus in my Voxbox this past week, and that's what I've been using with this new shave cream.

Even though it's tiny, it packs a serious punch. It's super flexible and I didn't cut myself (which is saying something...I'm not the most patient shaver), and it has an adorable case to throw it in if you need to take it on the go or pack it in your suitcase. 

This week was seriously just wonderful in terms of products. Since I just bought my plane ticket and I'm broke at the moment, trying out all these new things without having to worry about paying for something that wouldn't be good has been wonderful.

I absolutely give 5/5 stars to all of these!
Happy Friday, everyone.
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  1. Lord knows I need some hair inhibitor. lol I have the grossest thick black hairs on my legs. I hate it. I have to shave every single day, literally. Sucks.


  2. Seriously. My hair grows super crazy fast. And it's not really dark, but it's still a pain in the butt. You should try it! It seems like it would last forever so it's totally worth the money :)

  3. I just received the Whish Shave Cream in Grapefruit in my May Birchbox! I haven't tried it yet (I'm still working on a big bottle of Skintimate) but if you say it's that good, maybe I'll open it up and test it out! :)

  4. I have never heard of Whish before but I love the pink packaging! Also, that razor is adorable!


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