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Wednesday, April 16

Things I'm Loving This Week.

To make this constantly rainy week better, I've been focusing on a few things that always help to brighten my day (or at least distract me enough that I don't notice it anymore). I get sucked into trends, games, YouTube, and Netflix so easy that it's not even funny. And for the most part, I try to stay off of online shopping websites because I know I'll buy 1 or 2 things on each one and end up spending WAY more than I should.

But instead of actually buying what I fell in love with over the past couple of days, I'm sharing all of them with you!

// 2048

This game is the most addictive game I've ever played. I normally get bored with games on my phone pretty easily because I'll get stuck on a level and never advance, but with this game it's new every time. I have yet to make it past having a 256 tile though. I'm pretty awful at it, but it's amazing to kill time if you have an extra few minutes in between meetings, classes, or jobs. There's also an online version!

//  Boyce Avenue - Want U Back

I'm not a huge fan of the original song [except for the "UGH!" noise that she makes after basically ever sentence], but I absolutely adore this cover. Boyce Avenue is one of my very few subscriptions on YouTube that I actually keep up with, and they almost never disappoint with their covers. They collaborate with other YouTubers, like this girl, and put their own spin on songs. He changes the lyrics enough that it completely changes the meaning of the song and equally makes me fall in love with BA more and also want to sob for the couple in their version of the song. Beautiful.

// My Bright Yellow Hunter Boots

Hunter boots are 100% worth the money spent. I've had my pair for a couple years now and they're still in perfect condition. It rains a LOT in Mississippi in the spring, not to mention the fact that my university has a flooding problem, and these boots have pretty much stayed on my feet the last few days. I love the bright yellow ones I have, but I also want to get a pair of light blue ones one day! These are the ones I have.

// Initial Necklace From Bauble Bar

I found Bauble Bar through College Prepster awhile back, and I've loved their necklaces ever since. I haven't bought one yet, because broke college girl is broke, but this one is probably my favorite. It's a close tie between this one and the monogrammed one! They're gorgeous and would really go with anything I decided to wear.

// Midi Dress from Forever21
Forever 21 is and always has been one of my favorite stores for summer clothing, only beat by my adoration for Free PeopleThis dress is one of many that I would love to buy from their site right now, and because it's a "midi" on a 5'9" model, it'd be an adorable maxi on my 5'1" self! [This is literally how I do my maxi dress shopping. No shame. #shortpeopleprobs]

// Cap Toe Pumps from Charlotte Russe

On that same note, Charlotte Russe tends to have the best shoe deals. Every time I walk in that store I end up walking out with two pair. It's becoming a tradition and I am totally okay with that. These shoes come in this color, black, and an off white! I would absolutely buy all of them if it was possible. I'm just now getting into the trend of ankle straps on heels so I'd love to have these and be able to pair them with dresses and jeans that I already have.

All of these are definitely my crushes this week.
What're yours? :)

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  1. I would love love a pair of Hunter boots! I'm thinking navy because...ugh, practicality.

    ~ Sarah, Shades of Sarah

  2. Everything here is so cute! Love your style <3 And I am going to try that game!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. I've been playing 2048 too, and I just got the 512 tile the other night! How I'll ever get past that I'm not sure.

  4. Those hunter boots!! I need a pair! I love the yellow for spring :)

  5. I love Boyce Avenue! Every cover he does is amazing, I'd love to see them in concert someday!


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