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Tuesday, April 1

Sponsor Spotlight! Emily Finta. ♥

Emily has spent this past month on my sidebar, and though her time is almost up, she's been wonderful to have! Whether I comment or not, I click on the sponsors links everyday to read what they've posted and I love that Emily is so down to earth with her blog and what she writes. She doesn't freak out if she misses a few days and has super interesting posts!

My favorite post this last week was about Psych.

I don't even watch Psych and I loved the post. It made me want to watch it so much more than I did before.

[Mint is the absolute BEST]

And she's a graphic designer! Her work is absolutely incredible and she has a link to it on her home page. She also has a link to her portfolio. You KNOW she's gotta be good because she graduation with a degree in G.D. last summer, along with a minor in Art. She's a creative type, which makes me love her even more. :)

So why not go check her out?


Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog! <3

  2. Great highlight! I am getting familiar with her blog now and love it so far!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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