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Thursday, April 3

Sponsor Spotlight! Elizabeth Benson ϟ

So I'm super excited to bring this spotlight to you guys today. 
You may have noticed that I have a lightning bolt next to her name in the post title.
"Why is that?" you may ask.
Well. She loves Harry Potter. And so do I.

Need proof?

This girl and I were meant to be BFFs. We just happened to be born in the wrong areas.

But if Harry Potter isn't a good enough reason for you to fall in love with both her and October June, she also has hilarious tweets and really well written posts (that don't always have to do with the HP fandom). She's genuinely a great blogger and a downright adorable person, so you should go check her out. Since this is being posted kinda late, I know you're all reading this on your lunch break anyway. So you might as well spend five more minutes to hop on over to her blog as well. :)

Here's where you can find her:

Happy Thursday, everyone!

 photo Untitled_zps45416aee.png


  1. I know absolutely nothing about Harry Potter, it's almost a problem.


  2. Yall were totally meant to be BFFs! I <3 Elizabeth and her blog. Def one of my faves!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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