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Monday, March 3

Sponsor Spotlight: Megan from Lush to Blush!

Even though her sponsorship ran out yesterday, I'm super excited to bring all of you my sponsor spotlight on Megan from Lush to Blush. She's one of my favorite people to work with, both on important things and more simple moments like blogger box swaps! I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know her over the past month or so, and I can truly say that she has SUCH a heart for both her blog and for people in general.

If you need any kind of blog advice (and now design!), you should definitely check out her sponsorship page. I have gotten tons of help with multiple areas of my blog so I know that she's legitimately incredible when it comes to knowing her information on pretty much everything

And right now, she's:

// styling her shelves
// giving away $300 to Urban Philosophy
// showing you how to make delicious breakfast food


// co-hosting a blogger box swap [in which she was my partner last month!]

Every time I talk to her, she's always hard at work on some project or another, but when she isn't in work mode, she lives in the busy city of Atlanta where she met her boyfriend in the most adorable way possible. She also loves candles and the smell of peppermint, which basically means that we're automatic BFFs in the girly department. She's just a super attractive, down-to-earth Superwoman - so really, what's not to like?

Check her out on social media as well! :)


Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Omg, you are just the sweetest person ever!! This is awesome - thank you SO much for being so kind and a great friend in the blogging world! You're the BEST!

    xoxoxoxo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Love to spotlight format! I signed up for the Blog Box Swap this month. I'm excited to get to know my partner! :)

  3. Very nice person and she's got a great blog! :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?


  4. Yay Megan! I love that girl. Seriously, one of my favorite bloggers. Great feature. :) xx, Elizabeth


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